Pastor Mukhuba

Pastor Mukhuba

Pastor Mukhuba was ordained in 2003. The Lord Jesus Christ continues to empower His Servant Pastor Mukhuba with His Holy Spirit. During her services, we see those afflicted with sicknesses being healed by the Power of God that is always at work. Those tormented by the evil spirits are set free from the yokes and the bondages of the devil during the deliverance services......... read more



Pastors Conference Day 1

On the 31st of July 2015, Pastor Mukhuba played host to day 1 of the first ever Pastors and leaders conference at UFC. The first service took place during the chilly evening of July. It began with singing, dancing and worship of God. As the servants of God rejoiced in the Lord Pastor Mukhuba arrived with the opening message for the conference.
The message was titled “Do Business Till I Come.” She began by reading from the book of Luke19:11-27 NKJV, the parable of the minas. The servant of God, Pastor Mukhuba compared doing the work of God and running a Church to an actual business and she taught the following message:

The Lord has entrusted His servants with something important and he expects them to do serious business. Servants of God are called to do the business of Jesus till He comes and in any business there must be profit. All the servants will be rewarded in heaven and are rewarded now according to what they have and those that do not have anything to show as profit even that which was given to them is taken away. In order for a business to start, there needs to be an investment. A business cannot start up or run successfully if there is no investment.
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07 & 08


Cape Town Miracles Services

Day 1 4pm - 9pm - Day 2 4pm - 9pm

Unity Fellowship Church

9,10, 11


Unity Annual Conference

Day 1 4pm - 9pm - Day 2 4pm - 9pm

Day 3 4pm - 9pm

Unity Fellowship Church

15 & 16


Mahikeng Crusade and Night Prayer

Crusade 4pm - 10pm - Night Prayer 08pm - 5am

Montshiwa Stadium

22 & 23


Bloemfontein Crusade and Night Prayer

Crusade 4pm - 10pm - Night Prayer 8pm - 5am

Mangaung Outdoor Sports Centre Rocklands

29 & 30


Mokopane Crusade and Night Prayer

Crusade 4pm - 10pm - Night Prayer 8pm - 5am

Mahwelereng Stadium

12 & 13


Lesotho Crusade and Night Prayer

Crusade 2pm - 6pm - Night Prayer 8pm - 5am

Setsoto Stadium, Maseru

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Do not be intimidated by the goliath in your life

by Pastor Mukhuba

Pastor Mukhuba taught the congregation that as a born again Christian you need to know your position. You need to know that you are chosen by God, you should not be intimidated by the Goliath in your life. As a Child of God you should not tremble at the presence of your enemies and oppressors. You should have the spirit of David who was not intimidated by the uncircumcised Goliath.When we read the scripture which is found in the book of first Samuel 17:1-54
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They used to call me TTZ “THATA ZONKE”, Martha was a false prophet from a very well-known big cult church in Limpopo, until they told her to sacrifice one of her children to become a wealthy person. She stopped attending the false church. She went to be initiated as a witchdoctor, she could not complete the process after the initiator told her to sacrifice one of her siblings to become a wealthy witchdoctor. The Lord has also delivered her from being a lesbian. Let us read as she shares her testimony with CHANGING LIVES MAGAZINE….. Read more.

March for Jesus Highlights. God is good.
JMPD Officers stealing chairs at UFC
JMPD trying to stop Church service
Past Event Gallery | Changing Lives Night Prayer- 2 October 2015

Come let us go and walk where our Lord Jesus Christ walked in Israel, The Land of The Bible. This Biblical Tour changes lives. Many who go there come back with testimonies.
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