The Lord is Coming Soon

While we’re still here on earth, we shouldn’t forget that the life we live has been given to us by God. Some people live as though they own their lives, and many do not care how they conduct themselves. God is the Maker of man. He made man in His own image. We are to serve Him, and dedicate ourselves to His purposes. Some people utter words like: “It is my life, I can do as I wish with it”. The truth is, the life that you have can be demanded back from you at any time.

The rupture is near Verse 1 of Revelation 22 says that if you are a wrong-doer continue with it, and if you are wicked, continue being wicked. It also says that those who do right should continue to do right. Holy people should continue to be holy. When we go to verse 12, the Lord says I am coming soon. In whatever you do, you should not forget that Jesus is coming soon. Those who are sinning can continue to sin but Jesus is coming soon. Those who say there is no God can continue to say that but Jesus shall appear soon. You who are righteous, continue to live holy lives, for the day of the Lord is soon approaching. The signs spoken in the Word about the coming of Jesus are already there.

Prophecies coming to pass Many people argue that this coming of Jesus was written about a long time ago and it has not happened yet. They lie to themselves believing it will not come. How many are living careless lives because they do not believe what Jesus said here on earth? The Word of God is the truth. What is written in the Bible shall surely come to pass. Some of the prophecies are already fulfilled and all of them shall come to pass.

Will you be rewarded? The Lord says He is coming with His reward which He will give according to what we have done. Now look at your life and check what you are doing. What kind of a reward are you going to receive? Remember that The One who speaks these words was there in the beginning. He is the Alpha and the Omega (Verse 13).

Clean your robe Verse 14 talks about the blessed ones who have washed their robes. There are many who think they will just enter the city gates with dirty robes. You might pretend to be clean here on earth but when the time comes for God to judge everyone, you will not succeed with that pretense. We need to be washed clean by the Blood of Jesus. Our robes need to be clean so that we can be able to enter the hall of the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Heaven is real The Blood of Jesus that was shed on the Cross was shed for us. We are born in sin and we need a saviour in order to access the Tree of life. We need Jesus in order to qualify for eternal life. Life does not end here on earth. What is seen now is temporary. We need to invest in what is permanent and that is the life that is to come. When you live here on earth, remember your Creator and serve Him wholeheartedly. Refuse to die in sin.

Sinners are in trouble Verse 15 talks about those who are outside; referring to the sinners. Sinners will not enter the gates of the New Jerusalem. The Bible says outside are the dogs. Those who practice magic arts are in trouble. You might enjoy the power you have now but it will come to an end. If you do not repent, you will suffer in hell, in an eternal fire. You will face the wrath of an angry God. Those who practice witchcraft and rely on the powers of the devil to control and hurt other people are in trouble.

Repent from your sins Sinners shall go where there is suffering and the gnashing of teeth. The sexually immoral are also included in the group regarded to be outside. There are people who commit sexual sins without even caring what God says about it. If you are sleeping with somebody that you are not married to, you are fornicating. It might be that you have stayed together and you even have children together, but know that you are sinning before God and unless you repent, you will not inherit eternal life.

Stop before it’s too late! If you are cohabiting with someone, get married or get separated from that person. Do not give your life over to the devil for the sake of pleasures that will not last. If you are married and you are sleeping with somebody else other than the person you are married to, know that you are practising adultery and the adulterers will not see the kingdom of God. Let us get our robes washed clean so that we can be with Jesus when He comes back.

Sexual sins And then there are the homosexuals: those who have forsaken the natural desires, men sleeping with men and women having sexual relations with women. They need to seek God’s deliverance, otherwise they will not inherit eternal life. They are outsiders. God loves you and He wants you to come to Him so that he can give you life. This comes from the Word of God and we cannot change it just because many do not want to hear it. If you are busy masturbating and watching pornography, know that you are in trouble. Rapists and molesters of young kids must repent before it is too late.

Stop the killings Murderers will not see the kingdom of God unless they repent. These people kill and destroy other people’s lives. They carry out the devil’s will through the shedding of blood. Whether you are killing others through witchcraft, Satanic rituals or through other criminal activities, know that the day is coming where you are going to suffer continuously. Although abortion is legalised by our governments, it is still murder, and those who do it are murderers.

False worship The idolaters shall also be outside. Many people have forsaken the worship of the true God and they worship what is created. Some make idols and bow down to them. Some worship other people. Some worship their ancestors. Some worship animals or even trees. All the people who worship other gods shall perish. They shall suffer here on earth and also in the life to come. Repent before it is too late. Those who lie are also outsiders. Liars are children of the devil. He has been a liar from the beginning. Do not adopt this fashion of lying. Do not corrupt yourself with it.

Make the right choice Verse 17 invites all of those who are thirsty to come to Jesus and receive the free gift of the water of life. Receive Jesus today and receive eternal life. Do not reject Him as He calls you to Him. Dear reader, give your life to Jesus while there is still time. Heaven and hell are real. The choice is yours to make between life and death, and between blessings and curses. Choose wisely. Jesus loves you very much.

Prayer of repentance If you are opting to receive Jesus as your Lord and saviour today, pray this prayer of repentance: Father, I have sinned before you. Forgive me of all my sins. I believe that you sent Jesus Christ to come and die for me. Lord Jesus, wash me with your blood and write my name in the Book of life. Thank you for my salvation and for the restoration of my life.

Live holy Now that you are saved, make sure that you find a church that preaches the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Talk to God daily in prayer. Get yourself a Bible and read it every day. May God bless you in Jesus’ name.