It is imperative to pattern your life by following a leader who follows Jesus Christ because people get lost in following leaders who do not follow Christ. To be able to follow your leader you should know the heart and the vision of your leader. Many people do not succeed even though they are in church because they follow the ways of the world instead of Christ. In the Kingdom of God, God placed authority and He expects those He has put in authority to hear from Him and to adhere to His commands without questioning.


Things work differently when it comes to the Kingdom of God, because God is the one who put leaders and they hear from Him and people under those leaders submit under them. In the world things are done differently because of democracy and the majority rule. If things were done out of democracy Elijah would not have had the courage to stand against the prophets of Baal since the majority of the people worshiped Baal at that time (1 Kings 18).

True men of God in the Bible like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not follow the majority but they remained steadfast with God and stood by what is right in the eyes of God regardless of the persecutions they were faced with (see Daniel 6 and Daniel 3). If you are someone who do what is right in the eyes of God you will not follow the majority.


As a disciple you should have a servanthood mind-set. Jesus in the book of John 13:1-17 washed His disciples' feet demonstrating to them that they should be servants. Jesus wanted them to have a selfless heart so that they could be able to serve other people just like He did. He wanted them to serve each other and not assume a position of superiority over one another and fight over positions but to serve instead. Jesus wanted them to understand His heart that He came on earth to serve and not assume a position of power regardless of him being addressed as Lord or teacher.

Jesus assumed a lowly position so that He could serve and He wanted his disciples to follow his example and to know and understand that he is for humility. In this case you also have to know the heart and the vision of your spiritual leader as a disciple, and you will be able to do things the way your pastor does them.