Then, when Mary came where Jesus was, and saw Him, she fell down at His feet, saying to Him, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled. And He said, “Where have you laid him? Scripture Reading: John 11: 32-34

The devil specialises in burying people’s dreams so that they get frustrated when they do not prosper. But, sometimes people bury their own dreams by giving up on what they know God has called them for. Maybe you have given up because the devil has been challenging you and placing obstacles on your way so that you do not reach your dreams.

After Lazarus died, the Lord Jesus went to his house and when He saw Mary weeping He asked, “Where have you laid him?” After being shown the tomb where they laid Lazarus, He went there and resurrected his body to life. Today, the Lord wants to resurrect the dreams that you buried when you gave up.

You know that God gave you a dream to pursue and even made a provision for you to pursue it, but you stopped pursuing it along the way. When did you give up on yourself, your ambitions and your dreams? Where ever you decided to stop, the Lord wants to know, where have you laid your Lazarus? Through this Word, the Lord wants to resurrect him.

Why have you given up on completing your degree? The Lord gave you a business idea, have you pursued it? Why have you dropped out of matric? Why did you stop looking for your dream job? You were once happy in that marriage, what happened to the peace? Why have you let the devil take over your marriage? What happened to your prayer life? You used to burn for Jesus when you got born again. Do you still remember your commitment to serve Him?

There is a Word for you, asking “Where have you laid your Lazarus?” Where have you buried him? Whatever area of your life you buried, where have you laid it? The Lord wants to resurrect the dreams that you buried when you gave up. Locate that which you have buried. Remember where you have buried it and allow the power of God to resurrect it.

May the power of God resurrect all that is buried in your life in the name of Jesus!