He who believe in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do because I go to My father Scripture reading: John 14:12

The above mentioned Scripture tells us that if we believe in Jesus, then we can also do even greater works than He did while He was still here on earth. This is because God can use ordinary people like you and I for His divine purposes, and these are the purposes that He needs to accomplish here on earth through us.

When we read 1 Samuel 1, we hear of Hannah who was a barren woman, which was considered to be a curse in her time. Hannah sought God for what only He could do. Hannah humbled herself and depended on God for her answer, and the Lord answered her prayers and blessed her with the fruit of the womb. God used Hannah’s burden to bring a larger solution for the nation of Israel. Samuel did not only remove the disgrace associated with Hannah’s infertility, but of the whole nation of Israelites.

It was in a time where the nation of Israel had degenerated both morally and politically. The priesthood was corrupt and immoral. Thus, the nation of Israel had been under the heartless attacks of the Philistines.

Samuel came at the right time, where there was a spiritual need in Israel, and God used him as His voice to speak to His people. Samuel was a blessing not only to Hannah, but also to the whole Israel as a nation. The Lord answered Hannah and unfolded His purposes for His nation. He used Hannah’s condition to advance His greater plan for His chosen nation, for a prophet was born through Hannah.

The book of Esther also gives us an idea of how God can use anyone to fulfil His purpose for a nation. When we read this book, we see how God used Esther to save His people. Esther was an orphan, yet she was chosen to be the queen, and as a result, she was in the palace not only for her own benefits, but also for the benefits of God‘s people. That is, God’s favour led Esther to occupy a high and respected position, which led her to provide protection for God’s people. She was chosen at that particular time to intercede for God’s people and to save the Jews.

God extends His favour towards us in order to advance His kingdom, to bless His people and accomplish His purposes that need to be done here on earth. In order for Him to accomplish His purposes here on earth, He places people in positions to advance them. Child of God, you need to seek the welfare of God’s people anytime you find yourself in an advantaged position. Always do your best to save the lives of the people that the enemy plans to destroy, and the Lord will never forget your services in His name.

Whatever is happening in your life, just know that the Lord has a purpose in that situation, working and organizing your current situations to fulfil His purposes for your life.