In the above scripture we are told about a woman who had been subjected to bleeding for twelve years. She had accommodated her condition for too long and she was desperate for a way out. She was tired being isolated and taking medication that could not change her condition. She had to stretch her faith and do what other people would not normally do. She believed in the Lord in a different way, not in a conventional way. Scripture reference: Mark 5:25-34

When she heard that Jesus was around, she did not consult anyone to see if she could speak to Him. She squeezed herself into the crowds and went directly to Him. She did something which was very unusual for someone in her condition. The Jewish law in her time prohibited her from being with other people but she disregarded the law because her faith led her to Jesus. Her bleeding may have made her delicate and weak, but her faith drove her to push through the crowds in a desperate attempt to touch Jesus. Her frail body could somehow push against many men who were stronger than her. Her desperate situation called for desperate measures.

When she finally touched the Lord, He knew that someone had touched Him in a special way because power had gone out of Him. Only someone with great faith could have released His power like that. The Lord healed her in accordance with her faith. This woman had stretched her faith. She risked her life by going into the crowds where as she was declared unclean. She was fed up of feeling like an outcast and wanted to live normally like other people as well.

Have you been struggling with a situation that has been prevailing for a long time in your life? Child of God, it is time to get fed up with that situation. Enough is enough with the dirt of the devil in your life. Like this woman with the issue of blood, it is time to stretch your faith and touch the Lord in a special way. The Lord wants to change your situation, but you have to touch Him with your faith.

The same power that went out of Jesus and stopped the flow of blood from that woman is still available through His Word. This Word of God is released to make you well in all areas of your life. Receive it and you shall be made whole. The Lord Jesus is the only one with the power to restore all the dead areas of your life. Receive Him as your Lord and Saviour and believe in His Word and you shall be made whole. Be set free from that stubborn situation in the name of Jesus!