Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him. Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 18:21

Many Christians play a dangerous game of going to church claiming to have received Christ, but yet refuse to separate from their family traditions of worshiping ancestors You cannot go to church and continue bowing down to idols and ancestral spirits because that means you are serving two gods. Elijah in the above scripture says that there is no middle ground. If Jehovah is your God, offer sacrifices of worship to Him and if the devil is your god, continue practicing ancestral rituals. When you waver between two opinions, you are exposing yourself and opening the door to the devil to torment your life. People reject Christ but they want His hand to perform miracles in their lives. How could things go well in your life when you are encouraging your enemies to continue tormenting you?

You have to disconnect yourself from sin and allow the Lord to remove you from a life of suffering. But the Lord will not force you, you have to open up your heart and allow Him to. Most people endure suffering from the enemy because they do not allow themselves to be removed from sin. A life of righteousness will usher you to your blessings.

People go all over the world consulting agents of the devil to acquire luck. These agents give them instructions to slaughter animals and bath with the blood of animals. But what good can come from bathing with chicken blood? These rituals attract more suffering instead of good luck because they are ungodly. If you want something to cleanse you of bad luck, try the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus never loses its power and it cleanses everything of the devil and opens doors of prosperity for you.

The blood of Jesus heals, delivers and removes people from suffering. Allow yourself to be moved from a life of being a hypocrite. In Jesus there is protection and rest. Allow the Lord to do something new in your life. Be faithful to Him and He will never let the devil destroy you.