“As we were on our way to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who was possessed by a spirit of divination [claiming to foretell future events and to discover hidden knowledge], and she brought her owners much gain by her fortunetelling. She kept following Paul and [the rest of] us, shouting loudly, These men are the servants of the Most High God! They announce to you the way of salvation!...” (AMP)

A python has an interesting way of killing its prey. When this snake has found its prey it wraps itself around it, slowly squeezing the prey to suffocate it and then let go for a moment. It will repeat the same thing until it squeezes the life out of the prey. The devil works the same way in people’s lives. He slowly slides in a person’s life and squeezes life and then let go. He will repeat the same thing to a point where he squeezes life out of them, totally destroying them.
Today, the python spirit is working seriously against the children of God, the church and the individual. This spirit of python is the foundation of divination, an act of obtaining hidden knowledge, especially of the future. The slave girl in the scripture mentioned above was under the influence of the same spirit. She could foretell the future. She could influence future events through evil powers. What she did brought a lot of profit to her masters. Where the python spirit is working everything is all about profit.
When the python spirit is operating in your life, life becomes more about your needs than God. People controlled by this spirit are unable to submit under authority in their church hence they move from one church to another, they are never satisfied. This spirit shifts people’s focus hence many people wander from church to church.
They will never be rooted in one church because they want to hear more about their future instead of focusing on what the Lord has done and is doing for them already. Their life is like a roller coaster ride. They succeed and then fall at some point, they rise up but find themselves back to where they started. Their life gets worse instead of improving. They are unaware that this spirit of python is sucking life out of them.
This spirit brings nothing but destruction in people’s lives because people’s focus is more on their future and less on the “today or now” moment. We are living in a world where people are focused on money and succeeding and less on God. They do not appreciate what the Lord is doing in their lives at that present moment.
They are not satisfied and always want to discover more. They want to know what tomorrow holds for them. The Bible tells us that the secret things belong to God and what is revealed belongs to us and our children (Deuteronomy 29:29). People are not satisfied with the revelation about their lives from the Word of God nonetheless, they want to hear more.
Child of God, the ultimate purpose of the spirit of Python is to destroy you. However, I want to inform you today that you have absolute control and victory over this spirit through Jesus Christ. Approach the Lord with an open heart and the devil will never devour you.