Scripture Reference: Luke 1:5-15 (AMP)
Zachariah and Elizabeth were married and lived righteously before the eyes of God. Zachariah served faithfully as a priest in the temple. When it was his turn to burn incense, he did it with all his heart because he loved God. However, Zachariah and his wife struggled to have children. They prayed to God for a child but nothing happened until they were old. They eventually gave up hope but they did not stop loving God. Zachariah continued serving Him in righteousness. This attracted God’s attention and He remembered their earnest prayers; He answered them at a time they least expected Him to.

I would like us to draw a lesson from this old couple. They did not moan to God about their unfavourable circumstances. Instead, they continued being faithful to God even though they had reached a point where biologically it was impossible for Elizabeth to carry a child. Zachariah prayed for the salvation and deliverance of the people of Israel, while his own petition remained unanswered.
In this day, how many are like Zachariah and Elizabeth and continue burning the incense of praise and worship to God when they feel like He has not answered their prayers? How many continue going to church when conditions in their homes are bad? The truth is that many Christians dishonour their commitment to God when suffering strikes. They immediately lose sight of what is important. Not many people would be satisfied with having Christ as their great reward when they are not rewarded materially.
Child of God, the devil knows the weakness of a human being. He knows that many are not deep rooted in the Word of God so he always brings suffering in people’s lives so that they stop believing that God answers prayers. He knows that many people lose their salvation when they are presented with troubles. They lose eternal life for temporary gain. But God does not forget those who earnestly seek Him in prayer. It may take a while for Him to respond, but He will respond because He is faithful. He is the kind of God who rewards faithfulness and commitment. Those who wait upon Him shall never be covered in shame.
Beloved do not be a hypocrite. Let Jesus remain enthroned in your heart even when you are going through the storms of this life. He never promised us that the troubles will not come, but He did assure us that He would be with us when we go through the fires and the storms. Whatever you are going through child of God, I want to assure you that God is with you. Hold on to your salvation during trying times and the Lord will reward you. Whatever situation you are going through, may the Lord strengthen you in the name of Jesus!