Scripture Reading: Proverbs 2:2-4 “Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding. Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures.”

Many Christians do not guard their ears by comparing what they hear to the bible scriptures. The devil is using every powerful medium and influential people to twist the truth about Christ. Hence not everything you hear is beneficial for you as a child of God. Just as faith comes by hearing, lack of faith also comes the same way. Therefore, it is very important to listen only to that which is aligned to the Word of God regarding your life. I want to urge you to be very vigilant of what and who you lend your ears to. Words spoken over a person’s life have the ability to draw them into a good and wise direction or an evil direction; words can build a person up or destroy them. If one is planted under godly spiritual parents who faithfully teach God’s Word, their guidance will help direct them into what is good.
Are you aware of who is speaking into your ears and what they are saying? Ungodly teachings or conversations have the ability to affect your life negatively. If what you are currently hearing is not aligned with the will of God, turn away and seek counsel from the wise and godly whose teachings are from the holy bible. Times are crucial and you have to guard your ears by filtering out excessive dirt which has nothing to do with the things of the Spirit of God. It is time for Christians to tune their ears to wisdom.
In Jesus there is salvation, life in abundance (John 10:10), prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11), good health, (3 John 1:2), restoration (1 Peter 5:10), freedom (Isaiah 61:1) etc. Jesus suffered for all these things and you shall have them if you have received the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Anyone who teaches the opposite of this and teaches that which makes Christianity seem burdensome is a liar. Turn away from them because what you hear has the ability to influence your actions. Do not spend time with negative people who always confess that certain things are impossible to do. The Word of God says you shall do all things through Christ who enables you (Philippians 4:13.) Your time must be invested with people who confess that the Lord is a great and He is able.
Child of God, you have been separated for holy use. Stay away from those who talk negative things and false teachers who misquote the Word of God. I urge you to listen only to what is based on scripture and you shall prosper. May the Lord guide you and may He enable you to guard your ears in the name of Jesus!