Sometimes God allows some things to die on purpose so that He may resurrect them. There are times when He will let the devil kill certain areas of your life. When Jesus was sentenced to be hanged on the cross, God did not stop it from happening. He allowed Him to die and be buried. Those who were crucifying Him were not aware that God had a plan to resurrect Jesus, so they celebrated His death.

On the third day, the Lord arose, much to their dismay of everyone. He had conquered death and all agents of darkness, and He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross (Colossians2:15) This too, applies to you if you have received Christ in your life. You shall come out of the tomb that your enemies have buried you in. Maybe the witches have celebrated being able to block your life too often. Perhaps they are on the verge of celebrating another victory against your life. Let me assure you child of God that this time, they have another thing coming. They celebrated too soon because the Lord has decided to remove you from where they have kept you.
Some of the people around you may have even mocked you asking why your God is not rescuing you from that terrible situation that you are buried in because you have been there for a long time. I want to encourage you today to have faith in God to remove you from your suffering. You shall never be covered in shame or be disappointed because He is faithful and His Word shall come to pass in your life. Let me tell you that while they were busy trying to block your things, executing their well thought out plans, God was watching and laughing at them. He saw them when they put you in that tomb and He has decided to act.
Never again will they make fun of your terrible situation. Never again shall you be the subject of gossip in your family, neighbourhood and in your workplace. God wants to show that He is the Alpha and the Omega of your life. He is the One who created you and He has the final say in your life. They shall see you coming out of the tomb like your Lord. Everything of yours that was buried so that you do not prosper shall be resurrected by the power of the Lord.
I speak life to your dead career! From now on you will see a way forward. Let there be a movement in your business! From now on you shall see profits. May the Spirit of God bring life to your body and may you live and testify about the goodness of the Lord. Let there be life in your marriage and in your finances. I speak life to every stagnant area of your life. There shall be movement there and you shall prosper in everything that you do. I declare it in the name of Jesus! THEY CELEBRATED TOO SOON, THEIR PARTY IS OVER!