Scripture Reference: John 11: 1-44 (NIV)
When a friend of Jesus fell ill, He did not pay him a visit immediately. The Lord intentionally stayed where He was and waited for him to die. He did this on purpose so that He may raise him from the dead. He had a plan to bring him back to life so that He may demonstrate the power of God. On the fourth day, when Lazarus body was already buried and decomposed in the tomb, the Lord showed up and resurrected him.

The Lord did something that defied logic. People do not die and rise later on, but the Lord called him out of the land of the dead. This completely disregarded natural laws. Who would have thought a rotten corpse would come out of the tomb walking? Nonetheless, we serve a God who specialises in the resurrection of the dead. There are situations that you also consider lifeless in your life.
Maybe the demons have disturbed you from completing your studies and you have even given up because you feel like you are too old to go back to school. Your enemies have concluded that you are not going anywhere in your life because they know that they have buried your qualification spiritually. They have concluded that you will suffer in poverty because your chances of finding employment are very slim. For you to come out of that place, you need a miracle from God. God is the One with the final say in your life. Your lack of qualifications will not confine you to poverty anymore.
If you have spent most of your life sick, let me assure you that you are not dying in that sickness. Maybe they have inserted their incurable diseases in you and have even marked a date for your death as well as your grave. To them you are already inside the tomb and they are already celebrating. Let me tell you, you are coming out of that tomb because your health status is changing from now.
If you have been unemployed for some time, you are coming out of there. Poverty is not your portion as a child of God.
Maybe your marriage has already been buried by the witches and it has even reached a point where it is decomposed. In fact, it does not matter what area of your life is buried, you are coming out of that tomb. The Lord has come through His Word and He is commanding you OUT.
There is a Word for you, saying “Lazarus, come out!” and upon receiving it, your dead situation shall come out of the tomb of the devil. You cannot remain in that dark tomb where there is no forward movement anymore. May all the dead areas of your life be resurrected today, in the name of Jesus!