Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] Will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired.”(AMP)

Eagles are mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible as symbols of strength. They are also are among the most powerful predators in the animal world. They fly at high speeds up high in the sky and as they fly, they can spot their food several kilometres away on the ground because they have very sharp eyesight. Eagles know about storms long before they arrive but they do not flee like other birds. They wait for the storm and when it hits, they use the strong winds brought by the storm to propel themselves up high into the sky where the storm cannot affect them. Eagles do not have an anointing but there is an anointing that shall empower you this year to have the characteristics of this special bird.

The church of Jesus needs to move in the Eagle Anointing in order to do the will of the Lord and accomplish what God wants it to accomplish. You need this anointing for your 2018 because you do not belong on the ground, you belong up high in the sky and that is where you are going to stay. Just as eagles can glide up high and navigate the skies, you shall navigate the heavens this year, you shall go to higher levels of glory and you shall soar high spiritually! You shall display the power of heaven this year. May you receive this Eagle Anointing, receive it in Jesus name!

Eagles move at very high speeds and I say your time of moving slow like a snail is over! You shall also move at high speeds and as the year goes you will move faster and faster! Do not allow yourself to slow down, continue to move at high speeds. The Holy Ghost shall keep you up high in the air, He shall empower you to move at high speeds and you will not go tired!
Eagles fly up high in the sky even over the storms. The problems of 2018 are already waiting for you, be it marital problems or financial problems or whatever other problems. Troubles will come your way but they will not bring you down, you will fly over all the obstacles this year, you will even fly above diseases. The problems of this world that you will face this year do not have the power to destroy you because you will be high up in the clouds.

Eagles have a second eye, they can adjust their eyesight to focus on prey that is very far away. They can see much further than other birds and even humans and they see what is hidden to other birds. This Eagle Anointing will cause you to stop relying on your physical eyes and start seeing with the eyes of faith. You will see what God wants you to see and you will see the hidden secrets of the Kingdom of heaven. You will access the treasures of darkness and the riches of heaven. You will not miss opportunities around you because you will see them from far with the eyes of faith.
I declare that your business will expand this year. You will implement big ideas without even realising it. You might be involved in small deals to make your profits but I say this year you shall expand. You will fly high in your career, in your studies, in your family and in your finances. Receive the strong winds to push you up high in Jesus name!

When you have this anointing and your life changes, continue to be like an eagle. Do not lose focus of heaven and backslide because of wealth and riches. Do not come down and live with chickens because of opportunities. Seize the opportunities and continue to fly high with other eagles. Continue to be faithful to the Lord and your success shall never stop!