Scripture Reading: Isaiah 62: 6-7 “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence, and give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

Since the beginning of the fast we have been having a series of teaching about the different names that God has given you. Today I want us to focus on another significant Kingdom name that God is giving you, and that is a Watchman. Israel has always had many enemies and historically the city of Jerusalem had thick high walls around her for protection. Upon those walls were appointed watchmen who would stand upon the walls and guard it. Their job was to look out into the distance for any unusual activities or any sign of an approaching enemy. This was a very important role because the lives of the people inside the city greatly depended upon them. With this said, let us look at how this applies to you in your new post.
Maybe you have been looking down on yourself but God looks at you and sees a watchman whom He can entrust with guarding the affairs of His City. You are appointed to guard the affairs of your family, your neighbourhood, your nation and the Body of Christ as a whole. This post entails watching and making sure that the enemies do not come in by calling upon the Lord tirelessly. When you do that in righteousness, He gives a solid promise in Isaiah 58:9, that He shall answer. Do not keep quiet until He establishes that which you cry to Him about. The Lord made promises on His Word regarding your life. Do not stop reminding Him of His promises.
One of the quickest ways to get a response from God is when we pray His Word. He is a faithful God who never lies, so His Word is the surest promise you can receive. He shall be very responsive because He is bound to His promises. As a watchman over the wall, you are given the assurance that your prayers shall not be in vein. Do not stop reminding Him of His promises regarding the things that are close to your heart. Do not stop until people look at you and your family and confess that Jesus is alive. Let people around praise God through seeing what is happening in your life. The more you call, the stronger the walls become and the enemy shall be kept at bay. Remind Him of what He said about you in Psalm 91:1-12; He shall remember His promise and keep everything that concerns you in His fortress. When you go before Him and talk about what He has promised, His answer is a definite yes.
I pray that God gives you an understanding of the power that He has vested in you as a watchman. You have the privilege of confessing your desires according to His Word and your petition gets granted. When you stand on the wall at your designated post, remind Him that He gave you a promise to teach you how to profit in Isaiah 48:17. Rest assured that He shall act because this promise also guarantees profitable prayers. If you faithfully accept your new role as a watchman, no petition of yours shall ever be in vein as long as you adhere to its rule of living in holiness. Nothing shall be impossible. God shall amaze you every day like He did to the children of Israel when He gave them manna, the food of the angels which they had never seen before (Exodus 16:15). You shall experience a life of Manna!
The grace of having received Christ and being appointed a watchman is like finding yourself in Noah's ark when all people are dying and the waters of the floods are sweeping over every thing. It is both a privilege and an honoured child of God. Use it to the fullest and do not let it go to waste. You have a responsibility towards your family, your nation and the Body of Christ as a whole. Make sure you stand in righteousness at your designated post and continue calling. When you intercede as a watchman, you bring dismantled things together. You have the amazing power of bringing other people back to their own God.
It is very important to note that God operates here on earth through the prayers of the righteous. You have the responsibility of calling the will of God to come upon the earth. As a watchman, you have the authority to stand against the things of the devil. Do not be afraid watchman, God shall not allow you and your family to be vulnerable to the devil as you stand against evil. The only time when they shall be exposed is when you as an appointed guard start taking your role for granted and fall asleep on duty. What you have been entrusted with shall get seriously exposed to danger and eventually get destroyed.
Child of God, you are appointed a soldier at the border gate. Do not fall asleep. There has to be a border to keep enemies away and you are responsible to keep the border up through prayers. Do not allow the python spirit to choke the prayer life out of you. Again let me remind you that this is a selfless exercise. Heaven has guaranteed you eternal life, but other people here on earth depend on your prayers to enter heaven. May the Lord prosper you in your new role as a watchman.