Scripture Reference: Matthew 17:21
“But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

Fasting is a secret source of power over stubborn conditions and demons. When you fast you strengthen your prayer life and faith and you will be able to move in authority over stubborn conditions. There are certain conditions and demons that will only go out of your life and of your family only through prayer and fasting.

Beloved, the Spirit of God has set you apart to destroy all those altars of the devil that were raised in your family for years. Like Gideon, you are an altar destroyer and an altar builder (Judges 6). You have been given the authority to build an altar for the worship of the true God. Through your fasting, all those curses that have been in your family for years will be destroyed. Your family will be freed from the bondages of ancestral worship. In the book of Esther, we are told a remarkable story of how the people of Israel were saved from Haman’s plot of destroying them. Like Esther, you are chosen to save your family from all the plots of the enemy. Your family shall come to know Christ through you.

Child of God, I urge you to take fasting seriously for it will loosen the bonds and chains of wickedness around your life and around family. Fasting will not only loosen spiritual bondages, but it will also benefit you physically. Fasting has amazing health benefits to those who suffer illnesses and diseases. Fasting cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins and dirt out of your system. Do not look back child of God, your fasting can end the demonic attack and break generational curses in your family. Just think of all the answered prayers and the loosened bondages that will emanate as a result of your fasting.