Scripture Reading: Psalm 37:1-40 “Do not worry because of evildoers, nor be envious toward wrongdoers; for they will wither quickly like the grass, and fade like the green herb. Trust [rely on and have confidence] in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and feed [securely] on His faithfulness…” (AMP)

Many Christians struggle to understand why those who perpetuate evil seem to prosper while Christians are always struggling through life. Children of God always look at the prosperity of the people of the world and measure theirs based on that. When they see them flourishing according to the standards of this world, Christians think sinners are better off. Those who live recklessly always look like they are getting away with evil because of the temporary material rewards they receive from their wickedness. This convinces Christians that the grass of the wicked is greener than theirs
You are urged as a Christian not to envy their material wealth because it does not come from God. Instead, you should pity them because they shall soon wither as quickly as the grass. If you continue envying them, you shall soon follow their paths and fade away like them. From God’s perspective, the flourishing of the wicked is very short. Even though the wicked look like they are prospering for now, God promises justice that stretches beyond our time on earth. They shall suffer eternally.

The little that you have as a child of God is much better than the abundance of the wicked. Their abundance is attained through sinful activities which bring lack of peace. From the outside, they look like they are doing well. But in fact, their lives on this earth are not as happy as they appear. The riches of this world without the Lord are pointless. Look at those who are most admired in this world. They have all the material things but they are not enjoying them because they do not have Jesus. They cannot sleep at night because their sins are following them. Most of them live lives of pretending and trying to convince people that their material wealth brings joy. When people look at them, they envy them, not aware of their real lives behind closed doors.
You as a child of God must dwell where you are and trust upon the Lord and you shall enjoy safe pasture. True safety and security is only found in the Lord Jesus. It is not safe out there. There are things that destroy people’s souls. The devil is seducing you by making you think that the grass is greener where the sinners are. That is not the case child of God. He is waiting for you to leave the safe pasture so that he can drag you to hell with him. Do not lose focus. When you have found Jesus, stop running around like a headless chicken. There are wolves out there and they are ready to devour you.
Some Christians envy the people of the world so much that they try to live a double life of sinning and going to church at the same time. If this kind of behaviour is tolerated, the house of God shall be turned into a synagogue of Satan. Child of God, it is very important to note that God has enforced rules that govern Christianity for your well-being; you need to have a better future and that can only be achieved on keeping God’s commands. Stay where the Lord has planted you and delight in His ways. In His appointed time, He shall give you the secret desires of your heart.

As a child of God, doing well does not depend on your circumstances because the Word of God commands us to continue doing what is good in the eyes of God. Walk in righteousness even though you are surrounded by wickedness. Do not join the others in their wickedness or hide their sins just because you want to fit in. You have to know your stand point as a child of God. Do not be a coward who is afraid of being labelled a sell-out. People should not be comfortable in practicing evil in front of you. If they are not afraid of doing wrong in front of you, there may be something wrong with your Christianity. You need to examine your standing with God. People around you should know that you are only here on earth to practice goodness.

Child of God, do not envy the people of this world or you may soon follow them in their sins. Sin brings suffering here on earth and leads to eternal death. When you are righteous, you live a peaceful life here on earth and also inherit eternal life. If you are given all the things of the world without the Lord, you will never have peace. True prosperity is found in God and not material things. Stick to Him whether it is rainy or shiny in your life and He shall give you the desires of your heart.