Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, “I thirst!” Now a vessel full of sour wine was sitting there; and they filled a sponge with sour wine, put it on hyssop, and put it to His mouth. So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. Scripture Reading: John 19:28 -30 (NKJV)

Before Adam sinned, both him and Eve enjoyed perfect communion with God. Through Adam’s disobedience to the Lord, sin and death came. The Lord is a righteous God who hates sin and His holy nature demands that sin be punished. Human beings were supposed to face the wrath of an angry God. However, God had a plan of redeeming man to Himself so that He may have that closeness with man and save him from eternal punishment. God sent Jesus to die in your place that you would not have to. Jesus had no sin; therefore He did not have to die. He did not have to go to the cross but He did it anyway because He had you and me in mind. His death brought life and redemption for you because He loved you with an immeasurable love.

The day our Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross was a dark day filled with sorrow and pain. However, it was not in vain. Jesus was buried so that you would not die but have life in abundance (John 10:10) and today i say you are not dying prematurely! Instead, your tormentors are the ones going down the grave! Jesus shed His blood at seven points. This means that all He suffered for was completed when He died. The number seven stands for perfection and completion. He sweated drops of blood at Gethsemane when He was filled with deep anguish because of the sins that He carried. Secondly, when he was arrested, His face was beaten up so badly and He bled. Thirdly while He was a prisoner, they plucked out his beard and He bled. Furthermore, as they lashed Him thirty nine times, He bled. Additionally, when they put a crown of thorns on his head, He bled. He bled a sixth time when they nailed Him to the cross. Finally, as He hanged on the cross, He was pierced on His side, and water and blood gushed out. After He had bled at these seven points, the work was brought to completion. The Lord sent Jesus Christ to die for you and me and Jesus did not fail. Instead, He obeyed the Father and brought the scripture to completion so that you could inherit eternal life.

Through the blood that was shed on the cross, salvation was made available for all people. Today, through the blood, we are made brand new, we are made beautiful and we are made righteous. Brethren, the day of judgement is coming. This is a call for you to repent! Turn away from your sins lest you face the wrath of an angry God. If you have never received the Lord in your life, if you have backslidden or if you are not sure of your salvation, you need to receive the Lord. The cross made available to you the special grace of salvation. When you accept Jesus, His blood shall cover every area of your life and you will live in dominion. When you accept the Lord as your Saviour, you get reconnected with the Father in heaven and you inherit eternal life. Repent, for the blood of power was shed for you on the cross. As we celebrate what the Lord did for us through His death, we also celebrate the death of the powers of darkness in your life. Jesus hanged at the cross so that you should be free. He defeated the devil so sin cannot rule over you anymore. Satan cannot continue to rule over your life. When Jesus was crucified, the devil thought that He was killing Jesus, instead He was killing himself! As Jesus hanged on the cross, the devil thought he had won the battle, he thought he had destroyed your chance of being reconciled with the Lord. He thought he was stopping the movement of the gospel, he thought he was stopping your healing and your deliverance. In actuality, as Jesus was getting crucified, scripture was getting fulfilled and your life was getting redeemed. The head of the serpent was crushed through the seed of a woman on the cross just as it had been said in Genesis 3:15. Jesus crushed the head of the devil on the cross and your salvation, healing and deliverance was paid for.

As Jesus was getting buried, the things of the devil in our lives were also getting buried. Everything that is associated with the old you dies. The old you is connected to suffering, to poverty, to sickness, to bondage and to the torments of the devil. We celebrate the burial of your suffering and your sickness and we also celebrate the death and burial of those who cause sickness and suffering in your life. I say your tormentors are dying! Celebrate the death and burial of the devil in your life! The devil and all the agents of darkness do not have power over your life anymore. They can try but they were defeated on the cross. I declare, the snakes and tokoloshes that were tormenting you are dying!

Refuse to continue with your suffering, Jesus paid the price, your suffering is dying and we bury it! Jesus crushed the head office of the kingdom of darkness. What is that demon trying to do in your life, its head office was destroyed on the cross, it has no power over you and we bury it! Brethren I cover you with the blood of Jesus. The blood is still mighty to heal and deliver you. For whatever you are going through, I cover you with the blood. Is it barrenness? Is it lack? Is it stagnation? I cover you with the blood. The grace of the Lord is sufficient, believe this word because you have to live in dominion from today. Receive your healing, receive your deliverance, and receive your breakthrough in Jesus’ name!