Now Jericho was securely shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out, and none came in. And the LORD said to Joshua: “See! I have given Jericho into your hand, its king, and the mighty men of valour. You shall march around the city, all you men of war; you shall go all around the city once. This you shall do six days. And seven priests shall bear seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark. But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets Joshua 6:1-4

In the above scripture we read about the battle for the walls of Jericho to come down. Jericho was heavily defended, fortified and with very high walls. The Canaanites who were living in Jericho had secured the city because they were afraid of the Israelites. The victory that God had given the Israelites when they left Egypt shook the Canaanites. You see, the Canaanites knew that Israel had a great God on their side. In anticipation of your breakthrough, the enemy has been trying to strengthen His hold over you. He has been trying to strengthen the walls that stand between you and your blessing. He has been doing this because He is very afraid of what God wants to do in your life.

Furthermore, in Joshua 6:2 we read about how God had given Jericho into Joshua’s hands before they had done anything. The Lord had given over Jericho’s King and the mighty soldiers entrusted with the battle to Joshua before the fight had even begun. This word comes to you as well blessed reader, the Lord has given over all your enemies into your hands. The devil himself has been given over to you. What does this mean? You are already victorious before you even fight! There is no one who can stand against God and succeed. God is on your side; therefore no one can stand in your way. The kingdom of darkness is not a threat, it has been given over to you including its king and its rulers. This means that the witches are not a match to you, they have already lost. God has said good things about you, He has promised you wonderful things. For you to get them, you must conquer Jericho. The battle, however, is very easy. You are already declared a winner before you even fight. This is the word for your life, believe it! Be confident because for all the days of your life, you shall walk in power and victory! You shall conquer whatever comes in your way. No one will be able to block you, no one will be able to stop you.

Who is that enemy coming against you? Which demon is trying to torment you? What battle are you fighting now? I say charge forward soldier, you are already a winner! The king of that kingdom is already given over to you! It does not matter how mighty they are, the Almighty God has already declared you a winner! The enemy can try to intimidate you, but he is a liar, you are victorious! Confess it child of God, say “I am a winner!”

As you read about how the walls of Jericho came down, let it increase your faith in the Lord and His promise for your breakthrough. God instructed the Israelites to march around Jericho for seven days. If you think about it, it does not make sense for walls to come down just because of marching. When the Lord instructs you to do something, do it in faith and forget what people will say. Forget what you know and obey the will of God, then your victory will be guaranteed. As they marched, they moved with the Ark of the Covenant. The ark represented the presence of the Lord and they marched in the power of God. The presence of the Lord is still with us today. God still moves amongst us today. You are not alone, God is on your side. Believe the Lord, your victory is available.

Have faith in God brethren, there is Canaan prepared for you this year. You are breaking through that Jericho standing in your way. Your enemies’ protection is gone, and they have already started dying. In Hebrews 11:30 we learn that the walls of Jericho fell by faith. They believed the Lord and he showed Himself faithful. Have faith in God and He shall see you through. God promised you Canaan, He knows how you will access it. Do not focus on the obstacles on your way, have faith in the Lord! You know the impossible situation you are facing, you know that you cannot go through it alone. Well the good news has reached you, God is with you, He shall make a way.

I do not know your problem, I do not know what kind of obstacle is standing on your way. What I do know is that God has brought this message to you because it must work in your life. What I know is that whatever is blocking you from entering Canaan is getting destroyed. Be strong in the mighty power of God and charge against that enemy! You have been marching silently for the duration of your suffering. You have been marching since you started praying about that problem. This is the time to finish them off! Those demons who have been saying you will never get married, you will never get employed or you will never succeed are getting killed through this Word! You and your whole family will succeed! You have won against that sickness, you have won against that disease! I declare, you shall testify! Receive this Word brethren in the mighty name of Jesus!