We are told in the book of Jude that there are men amongst us whose condemnation was written a long time ago. These men, are doomed for death. They will not change and they are there to make sure that even others lose their salvation. They however do not appear to us like people who are there to destroy us. They secretly join the church of Christ or they start churches in the name of Christ.

According to the Message version, they infiltrate the ranks. In other words, they will come and join the church in pretense that they are one with us. They then work very hard to be in positions of influence. Once they are there, they destroy people in the church. Such people pervert the grace of the Lord. They use it as a license to sin. They also encourage others to sin.

What we read from this book of Jude is that they will never escape the wrath of God. Like the angels who rebelled in heaven and the Israelites who grumbled against God, they will also be punished for their sins. Do not allow these condemned people to lead you to the pit of hell. When you are in the church, beware of such people. You will see them, they are not afraid of talking bad about holy things.

They find fault with everything in the church and they try to influence others against authority. They are like Koran, Dathan and Abiram who not only rebelled against Moses, the chosen of God, but they also influenced others to rebel against his authority. Their fate is already sealed and they do not want to die alone. You should beware of these Judas Iscariots and tell them to go die alone. When you see such people, stay away from them. Contend to keep your faith.