"Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven." Scripture reading, James 5:14-15

Mrs Moipane Rachomanyane was involved in a minor accident while at work in 2009. She was accidentally hit on her left leg by a golf cart used to transport patients. Since she was working at a hospital, she was immediately rushed to the casualty department for medical attention. X-Ray results showed that she had blood clots in the muscles at the back of her left foot. She was thus admitted in hospital for 4 days so that the clots can dissolve. Her leg was kept in an elevated position during the period of her hospitalization so as to aid its recovery. Instead of the blood clot dissolving, they moved into her veins causing them to swell. This affected her whole leg from hip to toes. The veins continued to swell up until the doctors decided to operate her to remove the affected veins.

Immediately after the operation, she felt numb and could no longer feel her whole foot. When she informed the doctors about it, they assured her that everything was fine and that she was experiencing the numbness as part of the surgery after effects, and that she should just give the foot some time to heal. After three months, she was still feeling numb on her foot. She sought medical attention again but the doctors could no longer help her. The following year, her veins swelled again and at that time, the problem also affected her right leg. Doctors suggested the same operation performed on her left foot but she refused fearing that she might suffer the same consequences she suffered with her left leg. Thus minor incisions were conducted in order to press the clots out of the veins. 2 years later, she began to feel as if there was something growing up in her stomach.

She concluded that it was maybe related to the surgery she did, but when doctors checked her they could not see anything wrong. The problem persisted, her stomach continued to grow and to bulge and the veins could be visibly noticed on her stomach areas. This caused her severe pains, cramps and back pains. She went for sonar tests in 2011 and was informed that she had something which looked like fat in her stomach. An operation was performed to remove the fat and the pains and cramps became better. The problem resurfaced again in 2015 and another operation was performed where doctor removed something from her which they were not too sure what is was. After all these major operations, her stomach remained swelled, painful and with cramps. Her legs also continued to swell up and she also continued to suffer from backpains. She consulted different sangomas who told her that there was someone who was playing with her womb and that the person also wanted her head (to kill her).

She was given different herbs to cook and to drink. The pains would subside for some time but later recur and she got tired of consulting without finding a permanent solution to her problems. Mrs Rachomanyane saw a poster advertising an All Night Prayer at Kutloanong High School in the Free State Province by Pastor Mukhuba. She attended the night prayer service suffering from swollen legs, numb left foot, back pains, and stomach cramps. As the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was praying, Mrs Rachomanyane felt something like pins and needles inside her whole body. She then stood up and began to cry. She does not recall what happened after that except that she woke up at the altar area paralysed and unable to move her body. Her left foot was heavy and she felt very weak and unable to stand. What she didn't know was that the heavenly operation was taking place in her body and that God was touching her in a special way. Her whole body was shaking. After this experience, she felt so much at peace and relaxed. Mrs Rachomanyane tried to stand up again, and this time around she was able to do so. She began to move her body and realized that her left foot was no longer numb. When she checked her legs, the swelling was also no more, her stomach had also reduced in size, and the back pains were also gone. She then realized that the Lord had healed her. Glory to His name!