Mrs. Ennolia Ndivhuwo Mashamba developed anger in 2005 after getting married. She would be angry with her whole family for no apparent reason. Her anger affected her relationship with her husband. She would shout at him whenever he talked to her and they would spend weeks without talking to each other. Her anger also affected her relationship with her children to such an extent that her own children were afraid of her. They would not talk to her or even ask anything from her.

Secondly, Mrs. Mashamba was also tormented by a spiritual husband. These torments started when she was very young and she thought that it was normal to have such encounters. She would wake up with her private part wet. The attacks worsened after she got married and this affected her intimacy with her husband. She would struggle to be intimate with her husband after an encounter with the spiritual husband. When her husband would want to be intimate with her, instead of seeing his face, Mrs Mashamba would see a face of a person who annoys her on her husband’s face.

Mrs. Mashamba visited Unity Fellowship Church on the 21st of July 2019. Her shoulders became heavy as she approached the gate of the church. During the service when the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was praying, Mrs. Mashamba fell under the anointing of God and she was ushered to the altar area. She felt a burning sensation all over her body. The Servant of God prayed for her and she also received godly counselling. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. When Mrs Mashamba went home after that service, she was no longer feeling angry as the Lord had delivered her. She has since that day been speaking well with her husband and children. She has also been sleeping well without suffering torments from the spiritual husband. Her intimacy relationship with her husband has been restored and her husband has even given her his bank cards and pin numbers. Mrs. Mashamba now enjoys her marriage and is thankful to the Lord who has delivered her.

Thirdly, ever since Mrs Mashamba graduated in October 2017 as a professional nurse, she could not find employment. She would apply at different hospitals and institutions but would mostly not get any response. When she does get a response, it would be for a part time position and she would only work once a week or sometimes not work at all. On Monday after her first visit at Unity Fellowship Church, Mrs. Mashamba received a call from a company that used to offer her part time jobs informing her that she needed to report for duty as they were offering her a permanent employment contract. She is currently working as a Professional Nurse under an agency. A single encounter with the Lord who is worshipped at Unity turned her whole life around. The anger, the spiritual husband and lack of employment were all dealt with in just one day. To add on that, she received the greatest miracle of them all, having Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour. Mrs. Mashamba is now a member of Unity Fellowship Church. She is grateful to the Lord for the liberation she has found at Unity.