Ms Akani Mabasa experienced funny noises in her left ear for a week in June 2019. After this experience, her ear was blocked and she could not hear anything with it. This is a condition which her grandmother is suffering from. Ms Mabasa began to experience pains in her left ear which caused her headaches. She was also unable to eat properly as chewing caused her pains. The pains would intensify around midnight. She went to the Pharmacy and bought ear medication, but her condition remained unchanged. After 3 weeks, her right ear was also affected making her unable to hear properly when others were talking to her.

When Ms Mabasa’s younger brother saw her suffering, he told her about Unity Fellowship Church and how he got healed of a headache that was tormenting him before he visited the church. He advised her to also visit Unity Fellowship Church so that she could receive her healing. Ms Mabasa heeded the advice and came to Unity Fellowship Church seeking God’s intervention. She came to church with her left ear still completely closed and her right ear painful and having strange noises. She struggled to hear everything that was being said at church but managed to hear about the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Services.

Ms Mabasa attended the Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service held on the 2nd of July 2019. She felt changes in her body as soon as she entered through the Unity Fellowship Church gate. As she was walking towards the main church building, the pain in her right ear subsided. During the service when the Servant of God Pastor Mukhuba was declaring healing over the congregants, Ms Mabasa felt a strange sound in both ears that went like ““khohlokhohlo.” Immediately after hearing that sound, Ms Mabasa’s ears got opened. The pains and the headache that was troubling her also stopped. When she arrived home after the service, she was able to eat without experiencing any pains when chewing. She is completely healed and we thank the Lord for this miracle. Unity is indeed a place of safety. Those who enter through its gates experience the divine touch of God.