Have they bewitched you? Have they stolen your underwear or any of your clothes? Have they stolen your books? Have they shaved your hair at night? Have they asked money from you and bewitched it? Have they cursed you? Are you waking up with cuts or marks on your body? Have they given you bewitched food and you are sick as a result? Are you tormented by snakes and tokoloshes? Have they put moving objects in your body? Are you suffering from a sickness that doctors cannot diagnose or treat? Are you getting oppressed and chocked at night? Have they stolen and replaced your reports, CV’s and certificates? Are they tracking you to block your progress? Are they sending you evil birds, snakes, rats, baboons, ants,etc.? Were you given gifts that brought you misfortunes? Are you seeing yourself flying or eating in your dreams? Are you seeing yourself getting buried or caged or handcuffed in your dreams? Are you writing exams or working in your dreams? Are you dreaming getting chased or falling into a pit at night? The time has come for you to be delivered. It is wrestling time as we declare war against witchcraft. Come to Unity tomorrow, there is a God who is above all the other gods. Jesus was made manifest to destroy the works that the devil has done. Any sickness or suffering brought about by witchcraft shall be dealt with. You shall prosper in life and your enemies are in trouble! #witchcraftmustfall