Mrs Kensani Chauke comes from a family where it was pronounced that no one will ever get married. All her sisters, brothers and cousins are not married. They all bore children out of wedlock. When they move in with their partners, they return back home after a short stay with the partner. Mrs Chauke was no exception to this kind of life. The curse of lack of marriage and having children out of wedlock also followed her. She met her current husband in 2005 and fornicated with him. After falling pregnant by him, her family took her to her boyfriend ‘s home to stay there as she was expecting his child. She stayed there until the baby was born. Their relationship did not work out as her boyfriend had other ladies he was also seeing romantically.

In 2010, Mrs Chauke and her boyfriend reconciled and continued in fornication. She fell pregnant and gave birth to her second daughter. As per custom, she was returned to stay with her boyfriend’s family for the second time. Her boyfriend still did not pay lobola or marry her. They continued to live in fornication. Her boyfriend continued to cheat with other girlfriends and the couple’s relationship was on and off. Every time he cheated, Mrs Chauke would return back to her family. He would go there and reconcile with her and she would return back to his place and continue to cohabit with him. In 2015, Mrs Chauke’s boyfriend went to Gauteng Province for work purposes. She followed him and stayed with him. She would remain at home when her boyfriend was at work. It was during this time that she came across the UBN channel on Soweto TV. She watched the program that was being aired and her spirit was lifted to a level that she could not explain when she saw how God was delivering His people from the different conditions which they were suffering from. This made her to want to know more about Unity. She thus set up public channels on her TV so that she could watch the Unity in Blessings Network (UBN) channel all the time. She then saw the church’s address on the UBN channel and decided to visit Unity on the last Tuesday Service of December 2015.

She continued attending services and learnt that staying with someone you are not married to is a sin before God. The Lord worked wonders in her life. Her boyfriend went and payed lobola for her on the 28th of December 2015, the same month that she visited Unity. One of her parents was against the lobola being paid but the Lord intervened and the lobola process was concluded. Mr and Mrs Chauke went to the Department of Home Affairs to be legally married on the 12th of January 2016. She was very excited as the curse of lack of marriage was finally broken in her life. The devil was not happy about this defeat and made sure that Mrs Chaucke should not enjoy her marriage. Soon after getting married, Mrs Chauke started to suffer from torments of a spiritual husband which would have sexual intercourse with her not only at night but even during the day. This made her not to want to sleep with her husband any more. She lost her love and affection for her husband and this strained her marriage. She regretted getting married as her relationship with her husband became worse after she was legally married to him.

Mrs Chauke continued to attend services at Unity Fellowship Church. On the 26th of February 2019, she attended a Tuesday Healing and Deliverance Service where Pastor Mukhuba was preaching about getting out of the grave. Mrs Chauke fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and she was ushered to the altar area where she received her deliverance. She was unaware of what happened to her during her deliverance until she watched the service rebroadcast on UBN and saw that she was roaring and moving like a big wild beast when undergoing deliverance. The evil spirits were complaining and confessing their dissatisfaction with the fact that she is now married. The Servant of God prayed for her and rebuked the devil out of her life. Since she was prayed for by Pastor Mukhuba on the 26th of February 2019 to date, Mrs Chauke is enjoying being a married woman. The spiritual husband has completely stopped and her love and affection to her husband is revived. Mrs Chauke praises the Lord for breaking the curse of lack of marriage in her family through her life. Her brothers have followed in her footsteps and they have paid lobola and are now married to their spouses. The devil has lost in her family.