Your identity is often shaped by your early experiences in life. Most people are scarred in their souls because of the pains that were caused by their family members in the past. Every believer needs to understand that the Lord can heal all manner of wounds, even the deep ones in their emotions. If you are a victim of abuse, this can become an obstacle in your Christian walk unless you are completely healed and delivered by the Lord Jesus. Abused people often carry their emotional wounds into their marriages and tend to hurt their families because they are bleeding inside; they are broken and first need to be mended back together before they can love and take care of others. When people harbour resentment from their past, those around them end up paying for the sins of those who caused them pain. People who watched their mothers getting abused whilst growing up are most likely to become abusive to their spouses when they get older. Child of God, you cannot grow spiritually if you are still holding on to the pains of your past. The abuse was not your fault, but you must take the first step of healing by confessing this to the Lord and allowing Him to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. Some were rejected by their mothers when they were still young, and this has left them feeling unloved and very angry. Some mothers for instance, cannot give attention to their children because they are alcoholics or are engaged in unhealthy sexual relationships with different men. Some are preoccupied with the problems of their lives and some are victims of neglect themselves. Rejection is very painful, thus the victims in such cases walk around harbouring so much anger, tearing and causing pain everywhere they go. You need to confess this to the Lord, and He shall heal and cleanse you. When you surrender yourself to the Lord and allow Him to love and heal you, you are going to be able to walk in love. You will mature in your walk with Christ and start experiencing life in abundance, which the Lord suffered for on your behalf. However, when you repeatedly do terrible things to those whom God has entrusted upon you to love, you are rejecting Christ in your life. You are nailing Him to the cross, crucifying Him and holding Him up to public shame all over again (Hebrews 6:6).