Mr. Zola Mchunu was tormented by a spiritual wife for 8 years because of the lifestyle he lived. He would go out to parties with his friends and he would have sexual relations with different women that he would pick up from the parties. His behavior opened doors for the devil to torment his life. He started dreaming of sleeping with women he did not know and when he woke up in the morning he would be tired, and also be full of saliva all over his mouth and chest. He would sometimes dream of people holding guns chasing after him. Because of the spiritual wife, he developed anger and became very aggressive. This was affecting his life because he would find employment however he would not maintain the job for longer than four months, he would get irritated and leave the job or the company would suddenly close down. He then took a personal decision to stop the life of sleeping around and partying, that is when the God of mercy located him. In October 2019, Mr. Mchunu was scrolling through the DSTV channels and he came across Unity in Blessing Network (UBN) where they were advertising the War Against Witchcraft Night Prayer that took place on the 1st November 2019.Mr Mchunu attended the service believing the Lord for change in his life. After attending the War against Witchcraft Night Prayer Mr. Mchunu realized that the spiritual wife had stopped tormenting him, he did not have bad dreams anymore and all the torments of the devil were defeated in his life. The Lord delivered and blessed him as a few days later, On Friday the 8th November 2019 he received a call from a company where he had applied for a vacancy. They offered him a six months learnership contract in carpentry. Mr. Mchunu is thankful to the God of Unity Fellowship Church who has delivered him from the torments of the devil and blessed him with a learnership. We glorify the Lord for his mercy upon Mr. Mchunu`s life.