When Herod was plotting to kill Jesus, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph warning him to escape to Egypt with Jesus. The wisemen that had gone to pay a special visit to Jesus did not go back to Herod to give a report of where Jesus was. They instead went back a different route and Joseph also ran to Egypt with the child. When Herod realised that the wisemen had evaded him, he ordered the death of every child in Bethlehem below the age of two. Even though this happened in ancient times, the very same spirit that was working through Herod is still in operation today. Herod was not the last person to try to destroy the Christmas spirit. Many Herods rise up during the festive season. You will find them doing all the wrong things that bring tears instead of joy. They drive drunk, get killed and kill other people. Young ladies get drunk and expose themselves to these Herods who rape them. Some children will be bringing grief to their parents by not coming home or coming home late. Some will be experimenting with intoxicating substances and hanging out with bad friends. Do not join those who oppose Christ in their Christmas celebrations. Do not attend ancestral worship celebrations disguised as thanksgiving ceremonies thinking that you will not be harmed. The devil is wating to gain a foothold in your life so that he can kill you. Do not go around eating food from every house just because it is Christmas. You are of royal descent and are not supposed to go around eating everything. Hide from the Herods!

There are people whose family members are witches who perform human sacrifices during Christmas time. If you know that you come from such a family, I urge to not visit them this season as you will be exposing yourself to danger. They have even started calling you pretending to miss you so that they can make you a sacrificial offering to their gods. Do not go there, go into hiding! If God can command Joseph to go and hide Jesus, who is God, who are you to think that you do not need to hide from the Herods? Do you think that the Holy Spirit was not there when Joseph was running away with Jesus? Having faith in God does not mean you must act like a fool. Can you really stand in front of a moving train and think that it will not kill you? That is foolishness, you are testing God. The Word of God in Luke 4:12 commands that we should not put God to the test. Christmas time is a time to express love, not a time to provoke one another. Do not be a Christmas destroyer who illtreats your family members because you have received a bonus and only smile in January when you are broke. That is evil! Child of God, there are people you should never associate with during the Christmas season. God is still warning His children to escape to Egypt to hide their babies like He did with Joseph. The devil wants to take your life, go into hiding. If you know there is somebody around you with the Herod spirit, get away from them. Hide your life this Christmas. Do not exclude Christ in your celebrations. May it be a SAFE festive season for you and for your family!