Numbers 14:11-12, Then the Lord said to Moses: “How long will these people reject Me? And how long will they not believe Me, with all the signs which I have performed among them? I will strike them with the pestilence and disinherit them, and I will make of you a nation greater and mightier than they.”

When Moses sent out twelve spies to scout out the land of Canaan, they returned bearing evidence that the land itself was excellent. However, ten of them focused on the challenges and argued that Israel would face giants if they tried to enter the land of Canaan. They convinced the rest of the Israelites that it was not safe to go to Canaan. The Israelites believed this bad report and accused God of wanting to bring them to a place where they would die along with their wives and children. They suddenly forgot that God had delivered them from Egypt and miraculously fed them daily in the wilderness. This act of rebellion angered God, such that He swore to strike them with a pestilence and to disinherit them.

The scene in Numbers 14 is currently playing out in our country today. After the President gave Christians a go ahead to resume church services, a lot of Christians put their foot down saying there is a Covid-19 giant waiting to kill them in church. In not so many words they accused God of heartlessly sending them to a place where they would be susceptible to death. This kind of talk is insulting to God and it dishonors Him. Such reactions make you see where people truly stand in their faith. It is obvious that they believe more in the power of the Covid-19 more than they believe in the power of their God. You cannot talk about God as if He is a heartless monster who deliberately places the lives of His children in harm’s way. That is satanic!

The worst part is that, like the 10 spies, they are dragging other people in the muck of their sins. They are sowing doubt in people’s minds the very same way the serpent sowed doubt in Eve’s mind. If Christians are saying that, how many Satanists have infiltrated the ranks of the church? How many people are in church but are spokespersons of the devil? When true servants of God decide to obey the Word of God and encourage the gathering of the saints, they accuse them of being negligent and irresponsible. When you do things in accordance with the world standards, they praise you and call you a responsible leader. I get amazed when I see those who call themselves servants of God enjoying being praised by the world. Jesus and the apostles were not clapped for by the world, so why have we become so comfortable with people’s praises?

Right now we should be fighting to come to church but others are pushing the agenda of the devil. Most Christians are now believers in scientists more than they believe in God. Yes, science is important, but we cannot base our whole existence on it. Science depends on evidence and Christianity is about having faith in things that have not yet manifested in the physical realm. Does science say that man was created by God? No, scientists believe in evolution. We, on the other hand, believe in God but we have not seen Him with our own eyes. There are in fact many miracles in the Bible which cannot be explained scientifically. Not everything is explained by Science. We have experienced so many miracles which cannot be explained by science. And anyway scientists have also said it that gathering together does not spread the virus but coming into contact with one another does.

Some have started coming with negative reports of saying it is expensive to open church now in level 3. Those are the lies of the devil. The government gazette does not talk about complicated requirements for church opening. You just have to take attendees register, check temperature, sanitize and practice social distancing. But many have added their own requirements in order to discourage others from going to church. If they lied to you about how complicated it is to conduct church services, here is the truth. I have seen that from the way we are conducting church services, there is not a slight chance of infecting anyone at church, in other words church is a safe sanctuary of God not a death trap. Let those who are burdened be given a chance to go and call upon their God, let those who are sick be given a chance to go and be healed by Him. Our God has promised us healing and that is what we receive from Him not death. There is life in Jesus!

The Lord is not pleased with those who lack faith. Be careful not to insult God with your faithless confessions. The generation of those who were complaining in the wilderness did not see the Promised Land because they dishonored God when they said those ugly things about Him. The Lord did in accordance with their confessions and killed them in the wilderness. If that happened to the Israelites, will God spare us? However, when you teach people this kind of teaching, they accuse you of using scare tactics and reject your teaching.

Note that the men of Numbers 13 & 14 who gave a bad report died of a plaque, let it not happen to you.

Child of God, you and I have seen God doing wonders in His house. Church is a place of salvation, healing and deliverance. The Lord performs miracles, signs and wonders in His house. He has taken us from the slavery of the gods who used to torment us and delivered us in church. So, why do we now believe those who are coming to us with their reports that there are giants waiting to kill us in church? Those who are saying we are like locusts when compared to coronavirus? The church cannot be like locusts, we are people of power and like Joshua and Caleb we stand against the majority and we say we can defeat coronavirus and its effects through our God. Let us hold on the promises of God because He is faithful to fulfil each and every one of them. We are still on route to Canaan and we shall reach our destination. May the Lord bless you as you continue to obey Him during these difficult times.