We are the church of the apostles. We know nothing else except to gather daily and draw closer to our God. Here on earth God works through man. For all those who are connected to Unity Fellowship Church and UBN, it is my duty to take you along with me and go with you where Jehovah is worshipped, where He is surrounded by angels all around. 2022 is not going to be like any other year. I have to lead you to where Jehovah is. We all have to go there.

There is a place, called the secret place of the Lord. A place which you get to and are unable to explain what really happens when you are there. You cannot tell another person where that place is. You neither can describe what happens there. Your voice changes when you are there and you find yourself speaking in another voice. One has to go there for his or herself to experience and know what you are talking about. When we all get to that place, we are able to see Jesus. That is the place I want to take you to; a place where you will see Jesus. When you see Him, you will shout glory; you will shout victory; you will shout hallelujah; you will shout praises. You have to go there now so that you do not start your 2022 the same way you started your other years.

The Lord loves it when we draw closer to Him. His Spirit does not take time to manifest Himself to us when we seek Him. The Holy Spirit of the Lord is always ready to take us somewhere and to usher us into the presence of God.

Let us go there, come with me, let us go to that place where we will see Jesus. Let us go. Go there… go there and see Him. See your Lord. See your King, See Jesus. See His beauty, See His splendour, See His majesty. He is your God; indescribable. He is great, He is awesome, He is beautiful, He is excellent, He is our King.

When you get there, let Him hear your hallelujah. Let Him hear your unending hallelujah, let him hear your hallelujah song, your hallelujah worship. Say to Him “hallelujah”. Shout it aloud at the top of your voice. That is your new language; a language of hallelujah; hallelujah to Jesus. From deep within you, pour forth a hallelujah shout and praise. Let that shout be always in your mouth. Let it be the first word you utter when you wake up and the last word you say before you go to bed. It is your favourite 2022 word. Make it your greeting word. Let your 2022 be a hallelujah one. Once you reach that place, just stay there and continue to worship Him. Do not leave; always remain there where you are with the Lord. Do not allow anything or anyone to take you out from that place. Your 2022 is a hallelujah year. You will continue to see Him; you will continue to see Jesus. You will continue to see your Lord. Stay there, where Jesus is, where we always sing hallelujah. Hallelujah is the highest praise.

When you see Jesus, nothing of the devil can stay in you. Your sicknesses and diseases disappear; your pains disappear. The poisons you were fed comes out, even what they tried to bewitch you with gets out. All the works of the devils gets reversed. You cannot be before Jesus and your enemies and tormentors survive. When the light appears darkness always disappears. There is no way that you can be in the presence of God and things do not change. The things of the enemy do not survive the presence of the Lord.
The chains that were around you are getting broken. I hear them falling. Paul and Silas’ chains fell off from them because they worshipped and got to the presence of God. The same will happen with you. Your worship attracts heaven.

I am believing God for much greater things for every one of us. I am believing God for that which man has not seen yet; for extra ordinary things in our lives. We have been through a lot and God will show Himself in wonderful ways in our lives. Dwell in His secret place this year.