We thank God greatly that at long last our government, in a move to avoid the mounting pressure from us and other church organisations, in the form of many court cases & planned demonstrations by Pastors, was forced to concede to the demands of the churches. Thank you President Ramaphosa for finally hearing the voices of the majority of people instead of hearing only the voices of the children of darkness and lifting the ban on church gatherings. May every Christian who participated in voicing out his dissatisfaction with what was going on celebrate this victory. You did well and we are on the right path. Do not let down your guard, continue contending for your faith. Let us thank all the church organisations who did not keep quiet when they saw injustice being perpetuated towards the church. Let us thank all the true servants of the Sovereign God who refused to take a back seat but spoke boldly and made their requests known to government. They did not love their lives too much for fear criticism. They risked being victimised by standing for Christ. Let us also continue to expose the agents of darkness within the church itself who have sold out Christ and now act as propagandists of government’s agenda to destroy the church of Christ in South Africa. We need to continue to fight against this obvious discrimination against churches. We are not blind to the fact that this victory is a partial victory as the discrimination against churches and other religious organisations still persists. Other sectors still enjoy less restrictions than the churches, eg, malls, modes of public transport, etc. We shall continue to speak with one voice, and in unity, we shall overcome. We shall press on for 50% capacity & then 100% operation of religious organisations. We are people of faith & the healing power is found in the houses of God. People cannot just be left to die whereas we are given power by our Lord Jesus Christ to heal them. Never again, under no circumstances, shall we allow the church doors to be closed. To all God-haters: Jesus Christ is much greater than you and there is no way that you can defeat Him, so repent while there is still time. The gates of hell will never prevail against the church & the church will prevail over you. Please know that we, the children of Living God, shall always resist and overcome the antichrist agenda! #contendingforfaith #notochurchclosures #victorybelongstoGod! #wecontinuetoprayforthesick