Are you still saying that it is about protecting us from coronavirus? The ban of church gatherings is not about that as evidenced by the disruption of Online church services at our church every week. The President said do online broadcasting, when we do that, members of SAPS and JMPD are sent to harass us. Everyday it is the same story that we were told there is a church service. They always find no contravention of rules but still they keep on coming back. They pass criminals in the streets coming to a church that is adhering to the regulations by having no gatherings. They pass people at the post offices in long queues not practicing social distancing, they pass full malls where people are not adhering to the rules. They pass the witchdoctors places where there are initiations going on and when they get called they never go there. They come to raid a church at the same place where there are many scrapyards full of stolen cars and when people call for assistance, they are told there are no cars available whereas these state resources are used for harassing the churches. Anyone who says church is not under attack is living in dreamland, Jesus said this was going to happen and the time has come. #notochurchclosures #ariseLorddealwiththem