Today my encouragement is to those who have been called; those who heard the invite of the Lord to spend time with Him and accepted it. We have been talking about the book of Exodus 24:12-14 since the beginning of the fast. From this text the Lord said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain and stay here, and I will give you the tablets of stone with the law and commandments I have written for their instruction.” Then Moses set out with Joshua his aide, and Moses went up on the mountain of God. He said to the elders, “Wait here for us until we come back to you…”

The Lord called his church the same way He called Moses. He called us to go up to Him to the mountain of the 40 days fasting and prayer so that we can be with Him and so that He can give us something. Not everyone who heard the call to fast honoured it. Those who fasted are the ones who accepted the invite to go up to the Lord on the mountain where He wants them; they are the chosen ones. Matthew 22:14 tells us that many are called but few are chosen.

The chosen ones do not only honour the invite but they conduct themselves as per the requirements of the invitation. They do things the way of the Lord who called them. They wear the proper garment for the occasion and do things the way the host wants them done. You are fasting because you got called and you said yes the way of the Lord. You obeyed the instructions given on how to come to the Lord. That makes you the chosen one to ascend His holy mountain to be with Him and to receive that which He wants to give you.

There is a 2022 journey which you need to travel in order to possess what the 2022 Canaan holds for you. The Lord does not want you to walk this journey without proper instructions and guiding information because you might get lost. So He has instructed you to take a break from everything to spend time with Him so that you can receive instructions on how to do things and to conduct yourself in 2022. Your fasting is so that you can receive the commands and orders on how to erect your 2022 terbanacle and what you must put inside that terbanacle. You need instructions on how to prepare for the presence of God in your 2022.

Only those who are humble are able to take time and stay away from food and everything that distracts you from focusing on God. The humble understand that they are not self-sufficient and that they need God. They are the ones who go to God to acknowledge their reliance on Him. They understand that they cannot make it through this life on their own. They acknowledge His kingship and sovereignty. The humble acknowledge that God has it all and that He controls everything including the lives they have. So they go to Him to plead for their lives, for protection, for guidance and blessings. Such people will never walk through 2022 alone; they will not get lost. You are a part of them.

When Moses went up on the mountain in verse 15, the mountain was covered by a cloud. He disappeared into the cloud. Now that you have taken this time to humble yourself to fast and seek the Lord, you have also disappeared into the cloud like what happened with Moses. Those who want to gossip and to fight are not going to find you. Those who want to be slandering others and talking nonsense will look for you and not find you because you will not participate in such things. You have disappeared into the cloud. That is where you need to stay for the duration of this 40 days prayer. There are those who are waiting for you to come back to tell them what God says. Those you are supposed to lead.

In verse 14, Moses said to the elders, “wait here for us until we come back to you.” There are those who either due to fear or unbelief did not join the fast. They are waiting for you to teach them the instructions of God for 2022. Do not join them but continue to fast and pray. These are the same with those whom Abraham left behind guarding donkeys when he went to sacrifice at Mount Moriah (Genesis 22:5). Do not be a donkey keeper, stay on the mountain for the full duration. Continue to experience God for yourself, do not wait to be told by others how being in the presence of God is like. Be where His glory is.

In verse 17 we are told that to the Israelites the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain. This is the place where Moses went to be with God and stayed for forty days and forty nights. The same needs to happen with you. Those around you must see the glory of the Lord when they see you. It must draw them to you.
When you are with the Lord, you do not only receive his commands but you get to experience Him differently. You hear what others do not hear and see what others do not see. He reveals Himself to you in a greater way. When you read the Bible, you find new revelations and better insight. Being with the Lord helps you to receive new understanding and meaning of the Word. He talks to you just like he talked to Moses. So keep reading your Bible. Just like Moses, you are supposed to show others the way and to tell them what God says. You will be a leader just like Moses was a leader. You are a city on a hill which cannot be hidden. #throughtheroof