As Christians, we should live in confidence that we have already prevailed by the blood of Jesus which was shed for us in Calvary over 2000 years ago. When Jesus was crucified on the Cross, the devil got defeated, and that is how me and you obtained our freedom. The Israelites slaughtered the lambs and smeared the blood on their doorposts, which brought about their protection and victory.

My brethren, let me tell you that there is power in the blood which was shed on the Cross at Calvary, and through that blood you shall have protection, healing and deliverance.

Like the Israelites who were kept in slavery by Pharaoh and his army, the enemy does not want you to be free from your suffering. The devil wants to keep you in poverty and he wants to see you tormented. You should know that there is protection in the blood of Jesus Christ.

When things gets worse around you, be strong and be courageous. When the storms rages harshly around you, do not fear. The Lord shall raise a standard against the enemy who is causing you to suffer. The Lord shall raise a standard against the enemy who is causing you to be stagnant in your career.

This week as we prepare for the night prayer (this coming Friday) also prepare yourself spiritually, continue to confess victory against sickness and diseases in your family. Confess victory against your marital problems, confess victory against all hindrances in your life. You shall breakthrough eventually. Nothing shall be impossible!