The more the enemy attacks you, the more you will see the hand of God accompanied by His miracles working in your life. The Bible says “We are more than conquerors through Christ." (Romans 8:37)

My brethren you should learn from the Apostles of Jesus, they were taken before the courts and then to jail. In all their troubles, they never budged but they went on with the work of the Lord, for they knew of the love that was manifested on the cross.

You should tell the devil that you will never sell your inheritance, because it is not for sale. Remind him that somebody died and rose again to purchase this great life for you and later ascended to heaven and left you with the born again birthright.

Stand firm in the Lord, no matter what trials you are facing right now.

Have a desire to develop perseverance so that the Lord will know that if He pours His oil on you, the problems will come your way but you will not fall nor break down. You should be in a position to thank the Lord for every trouble you have faced in your life. The troublemaker is frustrated because he sees you rejoicing. Those problems shall leave you refined for God’s purposes. Stand firm in the Lord.