The Philistines also went and deployed themselves in the Valley of Rephaim. 19 So David inquired of the LORD, saying, “Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will You deliver them into my hand?”And the LORD said to David, “Go up, for I will doubtless deliver the Philistines into your hand.”20 So David went to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there; and he said, “The LORD has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.” Therefore he called the name of that place Baal Perazim Scripture reading: 2 Samuel 5:18-20 NKJV

Today the Lord wants to use your hand to breakthrough your enemies. Just like David, you are breaking through their defence. When an army breaks through the defence line of the enemy, they go in and destroy their protection. Where the enemy has stored all the resources is where the soldiers concentrate on.

A sudden breakthrough or solution is coming your way. The prayers that you have been making were like a hammer that was hitting a very hard rock which seemed not to move every time you hit it. Now you will see that the hammer that you were hitting with in prayer was doing a lot of damage because that rock will shutter.

You were about to give up because you could not see the results of your prayers. Something is about to happen in your life. That which you will see with your physical eyes. It is not by power nor by might, but by the Spirit of the Lord. I am reminded of the invalid man at the pool of Bethesda found in John 5:5-9. He was an invalid for 38 years.

The One with the power to shake infirmities, weaknesses and disease arrived and asked him “do you want to get well?

His problem was so stubborn and it did not want to move. But, his problem was forced to move when the Mighty power of the Lord commanded that man to take up his mat and walk. Do you know what was happening there? Something powerful happened. All of a sudden he picked up his mat. That is what is going to happen to you as well.

The Lord is breaking through your enemies before you like a breakthrough of water. The protection of your enemies is destroyed and you are breaking through their defense line.