As we read on through Joshua 6, we learn that the people did as they were told. They were obedient and did not question the Word of God even though it sounded strange. They had faith. The only way for your situation to change is to have faith. If you believe that your Jericho is getting destroyed then it will happen irrespective of how long your problem has persisted.

What problem are you facing, your breakthrough has come! The power of God is making a way for you, that wall is getting destroyed! Faith acts NOW! Believe that your situation is changing now! I say the Spirit of God is destroying the strongholds that were opposing you.
Your time of crying is over!

The fire of God is burning down that Jericho city in your life! That city of Spiritual Husbands is getting burnt! That city of witches is getting burnt by the fire! The city that has been blocking your progress is getting burnt! How long have you been stagnant? How long have you been suffering? My God is working in your life, your situation is changing. Believe the Lord! Stand in His mighty power! You will never see Jericho again!