The Lord has put the writing on the wall. It is Mene Mene Tekel Urpharsin to the devil and his agents. They have been having a party in your life for a long time. But they have made a mistake of taking sacred things that belong to the Temple of God for their evil use. It is Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!

Some people are unable to sleep because they are tormented by the tokoloshes of the devil. But something shall happen to them today. They thought they could block you by raping you and your children at night. But the Lord has decided to put an end to their music.

Your enemies shall know your God. They shall leave you by force today. Those rats that were busy moving in your house shall catch the Fire of God. They have assigned rats to eat your money, and that is the reason is why everything in your house, including food, gets finished so quickly. There are no wolves that will remain when the Lion of Judah roars. Whatever they put in your house and your body shall be in trouble.

Many people used other things to try to take away to your suffering, but it did not stop. But today, your suffering shall come to a stop and you shall receive the freedom and peace from the Lord.

Today I am addressing the stubborn enemies that have been there for a very long time and have sworn that they are not going anywhere. Some people cannot even work because these enemies have sworn that you will not succeed in life. Every time you try to find a job it does not last for a long time, or you do not see what you are working for

But your situation must change today, your life shall change from suffering to prosperity in the name of Jesus Christ! The Resurrection Power will locate and restore your life in the name of Jesus Christ!