You should know the power that is in the name of Jesus, and then you will not go around apologising for being a Christian. Know what you are given and be proud of it. Some people go to church, but they do not want it to be known that they attend church. They would rather lie if they are asked where they are coming from. They are ashamed of something good and wonderful.

The name of Jesus provides, heals, and delivers you from diseases and poverty. How can we be ashamed of such a name? You should be proud of your God. Let it be known that you belong to Jesus. We do not want the Nicodemus who goes to Jesus at night (John 3:1-2) we have to come during the day.

You have the name Jesus which is above all names, be proud and boast in this name. When some people see you boasting about Jesus and being sure of your Christianity, they get angry and start hating you. They say you are proud and you consider yourself esteemed than them. When they see Jesus providing for you, some will even say you are arrogant and disrespectful because you are so sure of the Presence of God in your life. When you have the Presence of God you walk tall and you are not apologetic. You must stop being apologetic.


You should know the authority that you are given and move in that authority. The name Jesus is above all the trouble that you are ever going to go through in life. That makes you more than the conqueror because each and every problem that will come your way is already defeated for you have the name, Jesus.

Every sickness and disease have a name, and when people hear about those names, they tremble. Do not tremble and cry, call Jesus the name that is above all names. The name Jesus is above the name AIDS and the name cancer. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. Poverty is a name, but there is a name above poverty and it is the name, Jesus.

You might be unemployed and you do not have money. Unemployment is a name, but there is the name Jesus that is above unemployment. Even when you are facing serious marital problems, marital problems is a name, but the name Jesus is above that name. You must know that “At the Name Jesus every knee shall bow.” (Philippians 2:10) The knees of your suffering will have to go down.

At the mention of the name Jesus, the knees of your problems and troubles have to go down, every knee shall bow. Whatever you are facing has got a name, but the name of your situation and trouble is below the name, Jesus. Do not be afraid anymore, there is a name above all the other names. In your trouble and distress, know that your answer is in the Lord, therefore, go ahead and cry to the name Jesus and the Lord will rescue you for He is a gracious Lord and a Saviour in times of trouble.