Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you Scripture reference: Joshua 1:3 (NKJV)

When God has placed you in a special land, you need be a true child of God and represent Him. He has placed you there to influence the Jesus culture. Do not bow down to their false gods. You need to be different and destroy all their gods (Exodus 23:24).

God gave you that job to fulfil a divine assignment. He wants you to spread the fragrance of Christ. Through you, He wants to win many souls. There is a very good reason why you have been placed in that lucrative position by the Lord. Do not strive to fit in. Double minded people who try to please other people shall not succeed.

The reason why you have not been performing well and getting promoted at work is because you have forgotten your divine purpose in that company. God will accelerate you when you do what He has sent you to do. Do not try to follow their trends if you are running your own business. Stand for your God and stand for the truth, wherever God has placed you.

Many people are busy with fornication and other despicable things in church. But the servants of God keep quiet because they are afraid of loosing members. Some pastors keep quiet and allow people to do things that will lead them to hell. If you are not faithful in that ministry that God has given you, God will always raise faithful servants who will lead His sheep to greener pastures and you will loose those members in any case.

If you are faithful to God and teach His Word without compromise, your church will be built on the right foundation. Remember your assignment. You are not in ministry for your own ego. What is the point of being followed by people who are heading straight to hell?

Wherever the Lord has placed you, make sure that His purposes for your life are fulfilled. He has given you that land to represent Him, not yourself. My brethren do not try to blend in by trying to please the world. Be set apart for God to use you as His vessel of honor.