God is still working for your good even in that trouble you are in or that problem you are thinking about. You might not see it and you might not understand it, but everything is working together for your good. Even the hardships that you encounter are working for your good.

There are people who would have not been saved if sicknesses were not allowed to attack them or if troubles were not allowed to come their way. They are seeking the face of God because they came across difficult situations that they could not handle on their own and that led them to Christ. They came looking for a solution to their problems and they found life in Christ. That problem worked for their good.

When you are stressed and you feel like the trouble is too much for you, you should be consoled when you think about Romans 8:28. There is no experience of yours which is a waste of time. There is a purpose for your existence, so whatever happens in your life happens for a reason. If you love God with all your heart, whatever is happening in your life is happening for a reason and it is working for your good.

Everything that you see and everything around you is working for your good. Every experience is ushering you to where God wants you to be. Your experiences are shaping you to be a person who God wants you to be. So when you are in trouble and you cry, wipe those tears and smile. As human beings, we do cry when we are in trouble and when we are feeling pain, but after crying, we just wipe our tears and begin to smile and say, “This pain is taking me somewhere.”

PRAYER: "May the Lord be your comfort during your trials and tribulations. May He remains your provider to you and your family. May His miraculous grace overflow in your family, to bring promotion and healing in all areas of your life, in Jesus' name, Amen."