The Lord will bless you when you obey His commands. Yet you shall be cursed when you disobey because curses are connected to disobedience. When you obey the Lord you stand in a position to be blessed for you are a spiritual descendants of Abraham. The word blessed is not an ordinary word, but it is a spiritual word for the children of God. When you are blessed it means you are empowered to succeed in all areas of your life.

When you are blessed you become a dispenser of wealth. In other words those around you get blessed through you. Abraham was empowered to succeed. God said to Abraham that his descendants shall be blessed. Indeed Abraham’s son Isaac was blessed by the Lord. Isaac prospered because of the empowerment of the Lord.

God told Abraham that He was going to make him into a great nation. Therefore as a spiritual descendant of Abraham you are called into greatness. You are a family of Christ, and have spiritual genes of Abraham. Greatness is in your spiritual genes, and you do not have any other alternative except to be great.

Your enemies curse themselves when they curse you because the Lord said He will curse those who curse you. The Jews excel in everything they do because they are the biological descendants of Abraham. You shall also excel as a spiritual descendant of Abraham because the blessings of Abraham and Israel belongs to you.