Abraham was given a difficult assignment by God, to sacrifice his only son Isaac, and he did not question, he just obeyed what was commanded to him. As a result he got blessed because he did not withhold his only son Isaac. By faith, he obeyed God's instruction. My brethren, you are entitled to the blessings of Abraham by faith through our Lord Jesus Christ. Scripture reference: Genesis 22:12-18.

When we focus on verse 17, it says, “…Your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies.” The Lord is raising an army that will make a difference in this world but only through obedience will you qualify to possess the gates of your enemies.

Like Abraham, the Lord will bless and multiply you; and He shall work wonders in your life. You shall succeed in everything that you do because it is the Lord who enables you to succeed in all that you do. Through this Word, The Lord calls you like Abraham.

He wants to bless you and make your name great. And you shall be blessed in all areas of your life. This kind of blessing shall enable you to be the head and not the tail, and to be above and not beneath. May the good Lord bless you today as you connect to us by faith. May your descendants also possess the gates of their enemies in Jesus' name, Amen.