From the story of Joseph, we learned so much about perseverence and focusing on our destinies. Joseph started dreaming at a tender age of 17, but he only occupied the seat as a prime minister of Egypt at the age 30 (Genesis 41:46). This means that he had to endure many years of suffering before occupying the high seat. After so many challenges, Joseph could have made an excuse to give up on his dream, but he did not.

These days, young people do not want to practice patience. Most have not experienced a fraction of what Joseph went thorough, but are already thinking of throwing the towel. My brethren if you are one of them, please take heart and learn from Joseph. The pit, the false accusations and the imprisonment did not break Joseph. He could not allow himself to stop dreaming even in the darkest dungeon. Your past experiences should not define your future.

The conditions around you may not be conjusive, but they cannot confine your dreams. No condition can ever contain a person with big dreams. The prison cells could not stop Joseph from dreaming.

If you come from a family where the devil has uttered curses to keep you in a dungeon to block your prosperity, arise and surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Young person, this Word has come to remind you that God chose you to be the first one to break out of that cage of failure in your family, despite your age. The chains that the devil has bound you are not strong enough to contain you. Arise, pursue your dreams again!