The whole book of Mark displays the authority that the Lord had over the demons. He troubled the devil, broke his chains around the people of God and loosened up bondages. He rebuked many demons and healed the sick. The kingdom of darkness suffered because He brought grief upon them.

The very same Jesus that was causing havoc in the kingdom of darkness is the same one that lives in you. This makes you a powerful and dangerous person when you are in their midst. Sicknesses should not be comfortable around you. Pains, suffering and diseases cannot be accommodated in your life. Witches have to scream in frustration as much as they did at the sight of Jesus.

They cannot have a party and continue dancing in your life. They cannot continue blocking your paths. There is no way that Jesus can allow them to hide, rest and be comfortable in your life. The devil knows that his party is over in your life.

They are getting out of their comfort zone. Wherever they have been comfortable in your body. They cannot sit and rest in your family and your life. They cannot continue playing in your womb, causing menstrual pains whenever you are in your period.

They cannot relax when the Lord lives in you. Never again will they block your paths. Never again will the pains and diseases be comfortable in your body. Those who were working in secret, thinking that they will continue undetected are getting exposed in the name of Jesus. The devil cannot have a continuous party celebrating your defeat and suffering.