After Peter had left his prison cell in Acts 12 from verse 12, he went to the house where Mary and other believers were praying for Him. When Peter was at the door, a servant heard his voice and ran to tell the other believers that he was at the door. They did not believe her and thought maybe it was Peter’s Angel at the door. They finally opened the door and saw that indeed it was Peter at the door! They had been praying for their situation even though they could see that it was not changing. They continued to pray, nonetheless, and when the Lord answered they could not understand it.

Have you have been praying for your situation even though nothing has been changing? Have you still persisted in prayer despite the fact that nothing was going right? When my God has worked in your life, even you will not be able to understand it. The Lord wants to change your life in a mighty way.

Maybe nothing is going right in your life because they hid your belongings underwater. Maybe they buried them in the mountains and in the caves, I say something is happening there, the bondages are getting loosened! Those who were keeping you captive, those who were limiting your movement so that you do not progress in life are letting go! Where they tied your belongings, the power of God is working!

Maybe they buried your clothes and underwear, maybe they took a piece of your hair or maybe they took your menstrual blood, I declare that you are coming out of captivity. They cannot limit you anymore! Maybe they assigned you snakes to torment you so that you would never be happy in life, I speak the fire of the Holy Ghost over your life right now! My God is delivering you today

Believe the Lord for this prayer, your victory is already guaranteed in Him!