My brethren, you need to ask God to separate you from the evil spirits that are connected to you through the cultic churches.

This is how you should pray: “Father God, forgive my forefathers for getting into a covenant with evil spirits of occults. Forgive me also for getting into a covenant with evil spirits of occults (if you are or were a member in those churches). Forgive me also for not living right (if you have not been living right) Separate me from these evil spirits. Destroy all the covenants that were made on my behalf when I was young or that I made with these spirits. Amen.


Now you should take all the things which connect you to these churches, to any Spirit-filled church of Jesus Christ to burn and destroy them. These include uniforms, teas, clothes and ropes which have been planted in your houses and cars, photos of these leaders; basically whatever you can find that connects you to these cultic false churches.

Attend a Spirit-Filled Church of Jesus Christ

Some may say; “But I just bought the tea and took it to the church to be prayed for”. That too can connect you to the cultic church because the spirits were transferred to the items which you bought. If you remain with them, those spirits will always torment you. You should ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a Spirit-filled church that worships the true God and believes in His Son, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. A church which allows you to read the Bible and pray every day.

Do not Even Listen To Their music

Some may say, “I do not attend these churches anymore, but I continue to listen to their music.” Get rid of all the things that draw you back to the cult. Purify yourself by spending time in the Word of God through reading the Holy Bible.