My beloved brethren in the Lord, the Lord is on our side, like He was with the early Church when they faced persecutions. He is aware of everything. He is the One that is in charge of our lives even today.

In the book of Acts, we read accounts of Peter, Paul and other disciples trying to share their faith in Jesus with their Jewish peers and leaders. But the leaders were angered that they would try to mention the name of Jesus in their community. The leaders witnessed the fact that the name of Jesus was a reason for miracles happening and many people’s lives changing.

Later in the book, Paul was also being arrested and challenged for speaking about Jesus. He even went all the way to the highest court in Rome to plead his right to talk about Jesus.

In the time following Jesus' resurrection and ascension to heaven, the disciples and apostles faced a lot of hardship for believing in Jesus. You could say it was the same challenge that we face today in our country today when we talk about our Christian beliefs in public and get bullied or made fun of because of it.

Romans 1, verse 16 is a portion of a letter Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome. He said that he is not ashamed to talk about the Good News that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins on a cross and was raised from the dead on the third day. This is, of course, what sharing the Gospel is all about.

When you are ashamed of something, you try to hide it from others, and sometimes ourselves. We can allow peer pressure or life’s circumstances to influence us to be ashamed of being a Christian. Only when we truly understand the power and freedom that comes from being bold in our faith in Christ will we be willing to be more open about it. We are not ashamed of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Concerning the March For Jesus tomorrow, do not be timid as a follower of Jesus Christ. Join us as Christian brethren, do not be afraid of those who are trying to silence our cry for freedom to worship our Lord Jesus Christ. For if you do not stand up and support our faith as an "Esther " help will come from somewhere else.

Arise Esther!

Arise Gideon!

Arise Jeremiah!

Arise and march for Jesus Christ!

May the Lord bless you as you share this invitation to all.