Another servant of God, Dr Rebecca Brown said clearly in her book He came to set the captives free, that “any dealing with Satan opens a doorway in a person’s life for the inflow of satanic power and/ or demon infestation. Whether the person is a Christian or a non-Christian makes no difference.” She continued to say that “these doorways (created by sin) give Satan legal ground, according to God’s word (Bible), to exert his power in their lives. Christians are not protected because the opening of these doorways involves their conscious participation in sin and / or ignorance.”

Dr Rebecca also said in one of her books, Prepare for war, “normally Christians are hedged about so that demons cannot get into them. Non-Christians are also protected to a certain extent in that the Lord does not allow demons to violate their free wills. An opening must be made in the protective hedge before demons can get into a person to actually dwell in their bodies in both cases of Christians and non-Christians.”
She also said, “Sin breaks a hole in the protective hedge many times allowing a demon to actually enter into the person committing the sin.” We call such holes doorways.