The Word of God says that we should not consult spirit mediums. Consulting spirit mediums is a sin before God. When we read the book of Leviticus 19:31, “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits, do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31) (NKJV). God was also not happy about King Saul when he consulted a medium to enquire from the dead Prophet Samuel. (1 Sam 28:3-20). You open a doorway for the demons when you consult spirit mediums like witch doctors, palm readers, herbalists and false prophets. These spirits are also invited into your life if you are just born in a family which consults such mediums. You should not seek help from these agents of the devil. Seek help from the Lord God, the creator of heaven and earth.
Reading horoscopes is also an ungodly act. Separate yourself from all these acts. Get rid of all good luck charms and even the leaflets that advertise herbalists or prophets who can help you find a “lost lover”.
All the acts of seeking instant wealth are ungodly including, gambling, playing the lottery, partaking in casino games, and playing cards. Consulting a palm reader is a sin, you invite evil spirits by consulting this agent of the devil.
Gambling is an abomination before God. There are evil spirits which torment you and also attack your finances. There are leaflets that people get from street corners of crowded places, mainly at traffic lights talking about creams that will help enlarge your manhood. These are deceptions that the enemy is currently using to lure the people of God. Be content with what you have. These things shall bring more curses into your life and family.
After consulting these mediums some people start having:

    • Spiritual husbands or wives (Tokoloshes).
    • Spiritual children.
    • Things or snakes moving in their bodies.
    • Things moving in the house and/or on top of the roof.
    • Nightmares.

Solution: You need to ask God to separate you from these spirits. This is how you should pray: “Father God, forgive my forefathers for consulting and making me consult spirit mediums, forgive me also for consulting spirit mediums (if you were consulting). Forgive me also for not living right (if you have not been living right). Separate me from these evil spirits. Destroy all the covenants that were made on my behalf when I was young or that I made with these sprits through consultation”   

Get rid of all the connections from these agents of the devil
You need to make up your mind never to make contact with these mediums again. Everything that you got from them whether it is ropes to tie around your waist, “muthi” (traditional medicine), “zwiwasho” and ancestral cloths, should be taken to a church that worships the Lord Jesus Christ and be destroyed with fire.
Get rid of all the tools such as ropes, bangles, ancestral bangles, ancestral beads and charms which you received from the agents of the devil, take them to a church where they can be burnt and destroyed in the Name of Jesus.
If you are wearing anything that you got from the spirit mediums (ropes, “zwipandla”, goat skin wrist bracelet, ancestral bangles, ancestral beads, etc.), please do not stay home with them because the spirits will access you again through them. Have them removed and destroyed in a church that glorifies Jesus Christ.