This is when you come from families which believe in ancestors, families which host rituals to appease evil spirits (“imisebenzi”). Families which communicate with the dead people and visit graveyards to talk to the evil spirits of the dead. Some may disguise the real act of these rituals and say its “thanksgiving”. They may even get confused thinking it’s godly, but it is not, it is actually giving thanks to the ancestors (“amadlozi”) for their prosperity. They may even say they are thanking their dead parent or parents for what they have and for the protection. This is pure deception. If you contribute financially or anyhow including cooking at these events, you are being part of it. You are affirming a covenant to have the enemy reign in your household.

Do not partake in these rituals disguised as tombstone unveiling ceremonies or thanksgiving parties. In some of these events people perform rituals to invite spirits of the dead, which will eventually require blood by killing family members every year.

The Word of God says that when someone is dead, he or she is dead; they have nothing to do with the living, as said in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6,For the living know they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more rewards, for the memory of them is forgotten. Also, their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished.” (NKJV).

This would mean that those dead relatives, parents, grandparents or great-grandparents that you see in your dreams are not your relatives. Those are familiar spirits which tormented your forefathers and they still want to torment you.
They disguise themselves as your grandparents, so you can accept them in your life. People who communicate with the dead or are dedicated to those spirits by the family experience some of the following:

  • They are often told they are special children, feared by everyone in the family including older people.
  • They are given evil powers to see things before they can happen, for example, blood shedding accidents.
  • They dream of dead people, talk to them, or they are even shown an ancestral cloth.
  • They hear voices and even see things that other people do not see.
  • Every time after they perform ancestral rituals, somebody dies in that family.

Solution: You need to say a separation prayer asking God to separate you from those spirits. This is how you should pray: “Father God, forgive my forefathers for worshipping the ancestors.

Forgive me also for being an ancestral worshipper (if you are or were an ancestral worshipper)  Forgive me also for not living right (if you have not been living right). Separate me from these evil spirits. Destroy all the covenants that were made on my behalf when I was young or that I made with these spirits.

Do not partake in these rituals

From now on, you should not participate in these rituals. You should not contribute monetarily. Some may say,” I will not go, but I will just send my money.” That is considered as participation, you have acknowledged that ritual by giving your money. You should not eat their food during these events, as it is food dedicated to those evil spirits of the dead. You should not say,” I will sit aside while they go and speak to the dead.” By so doing, you will be acknowledging the ritual and the ancestors. You should not go to these places at all. Refuse when you are invited, tell them that you are now a Child of God.

You should not accompany others when they go to the graveyard to talk to the dead. You should not allow any communication to happen between you and those spirits. Now that you know the truth, those are not your ancestors that you were communicating with, but evil spirits. Satan can disguise himself and show you ‘things of God’, for example, showing you verses to read, telling you to wake up and pray, showing you people’s problems and that you should pray for them. Showing you things in the church, in your life and the lives of other people that have not yet happened and would come to pass. The devil will even make you believe that you are a prophet or a Servant of God, making you accept his call in order to operate through it.

This is how you will know that you have accepted the call of the devil:

    • When you continue to be tormented by evil spirits.
    • When there is nothing good that comes out of your life.

You should destroy all the altars (“Ndumba”) that were created for worshiping the ancestors including the tools that are used during those ceremonies. If you have ancestral bangles (isiphandla) or ancestral beads, please do not keep them at home with you, as they will connect you to the evil spirits.

Other abominations that are common in African cultures

You are being deceived by the enemy, disguised in the form of culture or tradition.

By naming your child after the dead with the reason that the baby cried for this name, you are officially appointing the demons that were operating through that dead person to now reside in your child. You have surrendered your child to such. This is an agreement that you make on your child’s behalf.

Children are gifts and blessings from God. Dedicate your children back to the Services of God, like Hannah dedicated her son, Samuel.

Strengthening of babies by cutting their bodies (“Rigoni”), be it on the forehead, nape of the neck, chest and anywhere else in their body. These are done with razors and other items to spill blood. What you are actually doing is a sin before God, the Giver of that child as a gift to you. You dedicate the child to evil spirits.
Traditional circumcision or initiation schools for boys (“vungoma”) and girls (“vukhoba”). These are all the works of the agents of the devil. What they do in those places, are a pure abomination against God Almighty.
Do not send your children for circumcision in the mountains. These are initiations into the kingdom of darkness. If you want to have your boys circumcised, take them straight to a medical doctor or hospital not to places where these things involve witch doctors or herbalists.